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2018-08-08 SGB Conference Call

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HL7 SGB Minutes


Date: 2018-08-08
Time: 10:00 AM Eastern
Facilitator Paul/Lorraine Note taker(s) Lynn
Attendee Name

x Calvin Beebe
Lorraine Constable, co-chair
Russ Hamm
Tony Julian
Paul Knapp, co-chair
Ewout Kramer
x Austin Kreisler
Wayne Kubick
x Thom Kuhn
x Ken McCaslin
x Rik Smithies
x Sandy Stuart
Quorum: Chair + 4


  • Agenda review
  • Approve Minutes of 2018-07-18_SGB_Conference_Call
  • Action Items
    • Paul to contact Vocab/PA re: approval items balloting at STU in FHIR R3
      • Will then verify with Karen that the documentation on the FHIR R3 ballot STU approvals is sufficient
    • Paul to ask PH for clarification on the status of items taken out of tracker and then reconciled on spreadsheet/ask for a plan for addressing the issue
    • Paul to draft precept on artifact governance
    • Paul/Austin to draft survey regarding desire for model-driven approach where a RDAM sits at the top
    • Calvin to look for final report that came out of Structured Docs regarding maintaining value sets
    • Lorraine/Tony to follow up on RDAM minutes from last steering division call
    • Anne to dig up context for agenda item "Degree of documentation for STU vs. Normative resources"
      • Originally appeared on 2018-06-13 call as an item added to the agenda; my recollection is that it was added by Paul, but then we didn't get to it and it carried forward
  • Discussion Topics
    • Recommendation from FMG to reappoint Brian Pech and Brian Postlethwaite to FMG
    • UTG/Vocabulary Governance
      • Determine questions for Ted
      • Vocabulary governance isn't currently under SGB. With UTG rollout, we need vocabulary precepts in place.
    • Continued discussion: Tasks in step 1 of the BAM
    • Normative/continuous balloting in FHIR - determine specific questions before discussing in Baltimore
    • SGB Communication Plan
    • Large architectures coming in:
      • Evaluate PSS process to potentially provide earlier visibility
      • How should a product family-type project be documented and reviewed - is PSS enough?
      • When it affects cross-organizational methodology, PFMGs need to have a review/say - potential precept
    • CIMI-MG followup
    • Updates that we do to newer versions of FHIR that are also applicable to older versions
  • Parking Lot
    • Mapping coordination
      • Add link to Confluence page from ARB page
    • Review of project management life cycle spec to see if it talks about project and ballot scope
    • Review of MG responses to SGB query on substantive change
    • Need to make sure that SGB is accurately reflected in the GOM, and figure out what precepts should appear in the GOM
    • Review Mission and Charter
    • Drafting Shared Product Management Responsibilities
    • Technical Alignments Between Product Families
    • How groups are to interact with publishing, EST, Vocabulary, etc.
    • Precept on bringing in large projects
    • Vocabulary - review HTA material for precepts
    • Precept for adding new tools (include that WGs with a specific mandate must be involved, such as EST, Publishing, Vocabulary, etc.) - was this covered by the tooling precept we created in New Orleans?
    • BAM guidance on process for product adoption
    • Create PRECEPTS that require that it be articulated in the standards how the value sets specified within the standards respond to changes in regulation, licensing, time, etc.- to do in April/before Cologne
    • FHIR Product Director Position Description: we should 1) review further and draft feedback, then 2) map back the description to the role of FGB
    • Ownership of content
    • What precepts do we need to address PSS/profile approval processes of balloting and publishing potentially thousands of CIMI model?


  • Agenda review
  • Lacking a presiding co-chair the call adjourned at 10:14 AM

Meeting Outcomes

Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items

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