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2018-08-01 PA Call Minutes

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Patient Administration Call

Meeting Information

PA Work Group Conference Call

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Meeting Information

PA Work Group Conference Call

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Date: Saturday, August 01, 2018

Time: 12:00 PM (US Pacific Time, GMT -7)
Quorum Met (Chair+2, Yes/No)? Yes

Facilitator Irma Jongeneel Scribe Irma Jongeneel
Attendee Name Affiliation
X Irma Jongeneel VzVz, NL
X Alex de Leon Kaiser Permanente
X Riki Merrick Vernetzt, LLC
X Lori Fourquet e-HealthSign, LLC
X Genny Barkocy Luensman CDC/NIOSH/RHD/SB
X Kathleen Connor US


Agenda Topics

  1. v2

Supporting Documents


1. ARV Neg comments
186 Action code and identifier. Riki/Lori 5/0/0
Change as recommended ARV-10: Access Restriction Instance Identifier

Definition: This field contains a unique identifier for this access restriction. and is conditionally required, when ARV-2 is NOT valued 'S" to support the use of action code for tracking changes when using dynamic mode This instance identifier is persistent between messages. Implementation guides may restrict what mode to use, which will affect the effective optionality of this field.

388: make ARV-7 Required. Proposed disp: Change usage of ARV-7 to R and remove "It is conditionally required when MSH-27 or MSH-28 are used" from the definition Riki/Kathleen 5/0/0
392: update ARV-9 definition. Suggest to accept (it is syncing the text to what is in the table for usage) Riki/Kathleen 5/0/0

2. Other
- 249: add IAM in all message structures that have AL1, because AL1 field was deprecated in favor of IAM. Suggest to accept as persuasive. Riki/Alex 5/0/0

3. Affirmative comments
Suggest to accept the following affirmative comments.
- 50: Include examples for the use of ARV-9. Persuasive. Examples will be provided by Kathleen. Riki/Kathleen 5/0/0
- 63: Set ID for use segment also within segment group. Is currently: “This field contains the sequence number used to identify the OH1 segment instances in message structures where the OH1 segment repeats. For the first occurrence of the segment, the sequence number shall be one, for the second occurrence, the sequence number shall be two, etc. If the subject of the OH1 segment changes (ex. Patient versus Next of Kin) the Set ID sequence will be reset.”
Is text already updated? Seems good to me. Suggest to find Considered, no action required. Riki/Alex 5/0/0
- 67: Suggestion to find persuasive and change to reflect that a change in supervisory level will require new OH3 segment occurrence.
Persuasive. Riki/Lori 5/0/0
- 73: Suggest to find persuasive and update definition from ‘This field identifies the year that the person began work in their usual occupation. This date shall be constrained to year.’ to ‘This field identifies when the person began work in their usual occupation. This date can be constrained to year when no actual date is known.’ Persuasive with mods. Genny/Lori 5/0/0
- 78: Suggest to find persuasive and add Entered date to ODH-3 and 4. Persuasive. Riki/Lori 5/0/0

Block vote to accept the following small changes Lori/Genny 5/0/0
- 156: Suggest to find persuasive to update definition to be more consistent.
- 182: Remove sentence in segment description to make it more clear. Suggest to find persuasive
- 203: Suggested response: ‘Action code fields will all get the same name in the ODH segments’
- 358: Update Table of Content
- 371: wrong paragraph numbering
- 385: Clarifying text for ARV segment, suggest to accept
- 387: remove comments, suggest to accept
- 391: Update ARV-8 definition to “This field is repeatable and conveys instructions to users and receivers for secure distribution, transmission, and storage; dictates obligations or mandated actions; specifies any action prohibited by refrain policy such as dissemination controls; and stipulates the permissible purpose of use of an IT resource.
It is used where MSH-27 or MSH-28, which may be the compilation of all Security Handling Instructions across all of the labels, are used, but differ from the applicable ones for the data identified in this ARV segment.”
- ODH editorial/clarification suggestions: 394, 397, 399, 411, 413. Suggest to accept.

Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items
  • Next telecom meeting: 07. August 2018


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