2018-02-19 Rx Conf Call

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  • Melva Peters (Chair)
  • Kai Heitmann
  • Stephen Chu
  • Lisa Nelson
  • John Hatem
  • Scott Robertson
  • Michelle Miller

Agenda Items and notes


The following tracker items were resolved:

FHIR Tracker Items

Action Item List

Publication Request

CDA dosage question (Lisa Nelson)

  • I want to record the pieces that allow me to confirm (by computer) that the math works out.
    • DoseQuantity is equal to the administrative unit X the dose units.
    • Mom takes 37.5 mg (dose quantity) of “Med A-25mg tablet” at bedtime. This is accomplished by taking 1.5 tablets at bedtime (administrative units) X 25 mg per tablet (doseUnit).
    • Mom takes 50 mg (dose quantity) of “Med A-50mg tablet” at breakfast. This is accomplished by taking 1 tablet at breakfast (administrative units) X 50 mg per tablet (doseUnit) .
    • Sometimes the pharmacy only dispenses me the “Med A 25mg” pills. In which case I give Mom 50 mg (dose Quantity) of “Med A-25mg tablet” at breakfast by giving her 2 tablets at breakfast (administrative units) X 25 mg per tablet(doseUnit).
    • In order to do the right thing, you need to know all three numbers as numbers. You can’t leave some of the information buried in the string/code of the medication. Also, I need to have the 37.5 doseQuantity encoded separately, or I don’t have anything to work with as the right amount, regardless of the tablet doseUnit.
  • Discussion
    • currently including this information in Medication Activity
    • this would be included as part of doseQuantity and you need to look at this as well as the drug strength to get this information
    • doseQuantity could be 1.5 and units = tablet or doseQuantity could be 37.5mg and units = mg could be used, but there may be risks depending on how the medication is dispensed.

Ballot Reconciliation - Templates

  • Reconciliation Spreadsheet
  • Comment 165
    • See updated spreadsheet
  • Comment 211
    • See updated spreadsheet
  • Motion: Kai/Scott - 6-0-0 Carried

MedicationKnowledge Resource

  • Melva and Jean are creating a draft resource in the build. The next step is to review the existing tracker items to see which can be done with the current draft content, which need to have data elements added, and which will remain out of scope.

Joint Meeting with IHE Pharmacy and ISO TC215 WG 6

Catalogue Project

Blood Products/Transfusion/Tissue Update

Updates from Workflow


Next meeting

  • Feb26, 2018 - (4pm Eastern)