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2018-02-07 Learning Health Systems Call

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Facilitator Russell Leftwich Note taker(s) Emma Jones
Attendee Name Affiliation

X Russell Leftwich InterSystems
X John Roberts Tennessee Department of Health
X Stephen Chu Individual
Evelyn Gallego ONC
Kathy Walsh LabCorp
Asim Muhammad Philips Research Europe
X Laura Heermann-Langford Intermountain Healthcare
X Emma Jones Allscripts
Jeff Brown Cancerlinq
Lisa Nelson Individual
Dave Carlson VA
Chris Melo Phillips Healthcare
Michelle Miller Cerner
Benjamin Kummer Columbia University
Matt Rhan
X Michael Padula
Joseph Quinn
Thomson Kuhn
Rob Hausum
Serafina Versaggi VA
Ann Whiz
Kathleen Conner
X Bridget Burke


  • Chair: Russell Leftwich
  • Scribe: Emma Jones
  • Motion to approve Jan 19 call minutes: Stephen moved , John second


  • Confluence to replace wiki and google docs
  • Storyboard enhancements and additions?
  • SNOMED codes for starter value set
  • Other business


  • Russ sent the use cases used at the CoF track - via LHS list serv.

Conference Call

  • Federal employees have to get their IT dept to enable it (may be due to secority risk of FCC)
  • Can continue to use the audio without switching the webex.

Switching to confluence

  • Confluence is easier to use than wiki
  • everyone who signs up need access and privileges
  • If HL7 sets up the home page it's open. Then have to allow privileges
    • Russ will ask HL7 how overall access works
  • Consider delaying the move to confluence until the FCC gets set up.

Storyboard enhancements

  • Add communications - include a few types of communications
  • Russ would like to use the CKD scenario and adapt as one of the care team storyboard
  • CKD storyboard used for the FHIR connecthathon and Clinician-on-FHIR
  • Storyboard data set is uploaded to clinFHIR on the HSBC server - patient is Betsy Johnson
  • Can use the same story for CareTeam DAM, Care Planning and Care Managment
  • IHE did not have vendors sign up for the DCP or DCTM profiles
  • CMS has programs that is driving use of the C-CDA care plan document - CPC + and MU2015 as an optional certificate criteria
  • Australia has a medical home initiative going on
  • London - Coordinate my Care. Built by Intersystems. Not FHIR based. All GT have a template that provides care plans (limited) which is available to the EDs, hospitals and after hour care centers. In place for the city of London
  • Canadian InfoWay - Clinical Interoperability with sub groups. There is a group dealing with care coordination.
  • MU2015 - API calls using the argonaut work for CCDS
  • Russ will reach out to Dave Carlson about the NIH CKD effort.

Care team member function valueset Slide deck

  • Stephen have been in diaglogue with Claude. Will reach up with him to look and scope the storyboard
  • No feedback from Rob McClure
    • Stephen completed the descriptions
  • Stephen have reached out to LOINC for the care team type.
  • Swapna will progress it at the clinical LOINC meeting.
  • under Care Team Terminology - Starter Value Set

Change of Conf call time

  • Works for Stephen until USA goes to day light savings time. The new wednesday time will be very early for Stephen to come to work to do the call on a weekday (Friday is Saturday morning in Australia). Stephen is humbly requesting if

LHS would like to determine if the attendance increases for the Wednesday calls. If it does not, would LHS kindly review and reconsider switching back to the friday time slot.