2017 arb sandiego agenda

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2017 WGM San Diego/La Jolla California US

Sunday Q3 with SGB

  1. ISM]
    • finish the topic
      • Need to have another goround at it - to make consumable by the general Management/Methodology groups
      • See [2017-09-10_SGB_WGM_Agenda| SGB Minutes September 10]
  2. Not Covered in Joint:
    • Next steps
      • Feed into updates on
        • standards grid and
        • PSS Project Matrix
  1. What is the reporting heirachy- BAM.
    • Report - product development processes
    • SAIF-IG progress
      • Originally delegated to MnM - who became consumed by FHIR.

Sunday Q5 with TSC

Monday Q3

  1. Who is covering what this week?
  2. PSS review
  3. Product grid

Thursday Q3

  1. Things that came up this week.
    • notion of collapsing V2 into a group like Arden Syntax
    • Task from TSC:
      • VMR XML ballot normative not in alignment with the VMR task force normative recommendations
      • VMR Logical requires substantive change
      • They can leave as an STU or fix all of the errors, and re-ballot at N1.
    • Motion to remove Patrick, and call as necessary(Patrick/Lorraine) withdrawn.
    • Motion to revisit the Gom, and revise membership as necessary(Wayne/Patrick) (4-0-0)
      • ACTION ITEM: Patrick will organize the re-wording of the GOM 09.03.02
    • Add item for review of PSS from Brett/Argonaut
  1. Other business and planning
    • Open issues
    • Agenda until next WGM.
    • When do we meet next WGM?
  2. Adjournment