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20170829 arb minutes

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ARB - Meeting (Date in Title)


  1. Call to order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of Agenda and Minutes
  4. Management
  5. Governance
  6. Methodology
    • ISM - Review and update ppt with artifacts mapped to the ISM
  7. Other business and planning
  8. Adjournment

Meeting Information

HL7 ARB Work Group Meeting Minutes

Location: Telcon

Date: 20170829
Time: 4:00pm U.S. Eastern
Facilitator Julian, Tony Note taker(s) Julian, Tony
Attendee Name Affiliation
. Beebe, Calvin Mayo Clinic
X Bond,Andy TBD
R Constable, Lorraine Constable Consulting Inc.
. Hamm, Russell Intelligent Medical Objects
. Hyland, Mario AEGIS
X Julian, Tony Mayo Clinic
X Knapp, Paul Pknapp Consulting
X Kreisler, Austin Leidos, Inc
X Kubick, Wayne HL7 CTO
. Loyd, Patrick ICode Solutions
X Lynch, Cecil Accenture
. McCaslin, Ken Accenture
X Milosevic, Zoran Deontik Pty Ltd
. Smithies, Rik HL7 UK
X Stechishin,Andy CANA Software and Service Ltd.
X Kuhn, Thomson ACP
X Present
. Absent
R Regrets
Quorum Requirements (Co-chair + 3) Met: Yes


  1. Approval of Agenda and Minutes
    • Agenda approved by consent
    • Minute Approval
    • MOTION to approve the minutes (Paul/Andy S)
    • Vote: (6-0-0)
    • ISM - Review and update ppt with artifacts mapped to the ISM
      • How do we define DONE?
        • Paul: Done for now. Intention was to look at the ISM -it has value, but where and at what level of the organization? The hope is it will have value throughout the organization, but it does not have perceivable street value. Probably usable at the methodology/management product family levels. Probably not for domain level committees.
        • Zoran: At the present time? Do you expect change to the TSC?
        • Paul: Not put it in a vault as forever done. As domains increase in complexity due to maturation, or run into issues, this could be a useful tool.
        • Paul: In the slides examples based on actual domains. We should forward to the methodology and management committees for the families to reflect on, where they can search for value.
        • Paul: Take matrix from PSS into the ISM. Not purely governance-centric.
        • ARB to take PSS Product matrix into the ISM. Annunciate to the SGB.
      • | ISM-IG-HD.pptx
        • Finalized on the slide deck.
  2. Adjournment
    • Adjourned at 5:36pm Eastern

Tony Julian (talk) 10:07, 30 August 2017 (EDT)