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  1. Management
    • Mission and Charter
  2. Methodology The impact of the content of a message.

ConsequenceThe message represents/requests a change that should not be processed more than once; e.g., making a booking for an appointment.
CurrencyThe message represents a response to query for current information. Retrospective processing is wrong and/or wasteful.
NotificationThe content is not necessarily intended to be current, and it can be reprocessed, though there may be version issues created by processing old notifications.

Some Events defined by FHIR are assigned to one of these categories, but others are not able to be categorized in advance, and the category must be determined by the content, context, or use case.

--------------------------------- Suggested Added text -------------------------------------------------------------------- Example: Elevation from Notification to Consequence

When it is necessary to receive an acknowledgement from multiple parties for a message of notification it becomes a message of consequence:
 The sender will have to send multiple messages, even if they have the same endpoint.
Use case: 
    * Local protocol requires notification of all lab values
    * Local protocol requires that critical values must be acknowledged by both the ordering and primary provider.
    * Therefore a message of notification becomes a message of consequence.
    * Two messages must be sent, each with a unique acknowledgement.