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20170628 inm agenda

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  1. Management
    • Mission and Charter
  2. Methodology
    • V2 Substantivity definition
    • FHIR 10619
      • Commenter suggests that
        • A message of consequence SHOULD have at least one receiver specified
      • Should be
        • A message of consequence SHOULD have one and only one receiver specified
    • Tracker 12749
      • proposes adding extensions to the FHIR ContactPoint that would allow capturing country code, area code, local number and extension as separate components, similar to the way that Address can be expressed as both a full string as well as distinct parts.
      • This request was initiated based on a query from a tutorial rather than implementer request.
      • Before evaluating it, we'd like to know how common it is for implementers to split these elements in v2. I.e. does everyone typically use XTN.1 or are the more discrete parts of XTN also commonly used?