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20170606 US Realm SC Call

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US Realm Steering Committee Call Agenda/Minutes


Date: 2017-06-06
Time: 1 PM Eastern
Co-Chairs Ed/Brett Note taker(s) Anne
Attendee / Name
Calvin Beebe Keith Boone x Hans Buitendijk
Regrets Lorraine Constable x Johnathan Coleman Regrets Ed Hammond
x Tony Julian Paul Knapp x Austin Kreisler
x Brett Marquard Ken McCaslin x Nancy Orvis
Brian Pech x Wayne Kubick Regrets Christol Green
Regrets Sandra Stuart . Pat Van Dyke x Craig Parker
x Danielle Friend x Eric Haas Regrets Jenni Syed
x Steve Posnak . David Susanto .
Visitor/ Name
x Chris Johnson x Craig Newman
Quorum: Chair + 7




  • Agenda review
  • Review notes from 20170511_US_Realm_SC_WGM
    • MOTION to approve: Tony/Johnathan
    • VOTE: All in favor
  • Review Items
    • Clinical Decision Support (CDS) for Immunizations FHIR Implementation Guide
      • Craig Newman reviews project with group. Is only US Realm because there's no international interest right now, not because it's US specific. Discussion over relationship with CDS Hooks. Brett states that maybe someone involved with the project should be representing CDS work. Craig states maybe they need to harmonize later down the road, but it won't happen in the near term - this focuses on the existing FHIR resource. Want to keep it simple because there is a short term need from NIST to have something sooner rather than later. Brett: It would be good to keep thinking about how, within HL7, we keep track of constraining IGs to support CDS. Eric notes that the realm is marked Universal - is there anything specific to US Realm? Craig: None of the resources are US restricted, so it should be implementable anywhere. We don't have a group outside the US participating, so we didn't feel we could call it international. Wasn't sure how to categorize it. Austin: If there is no specific binding to US realm vocabulary, then it can be Universal. Has there been outreach done to the International Council seeking assistance in identifying International participants? Craig isn't sure but not sure what channels have been gone through. Eric: If this is truly Universal then it doesn't really need approval here. Discussion over implications. Craig asks where it goes then - up to TSC? Austin asks who the source of funding it? Craig believes it's NIST and AIRA providing. Austin states that's different than what that box actually means. Austin recommends that if the intent is to be universal, they've got to recruit International participation. Craig is advised to look for participation up until the time of TSC approval.
      • MOTION to approve if the project ends up truly being US Realm: Eric/Hans
      • VOTE: All in favor
  • Discussion:
    • How to Grow US Core
      • Brett asks if there are any thoughts since our last discussion on this. Eric would like to see Document Reference from Argonaut. Hans suggests reaching out to Todd Cooper/IHE as they are doing some FHIR work - may be stuff in that space that is appropriate. Johnathan suggests _______ for Science. Steve Posnack suggests looking at QI Core and the set of profiles that are represented there.
      • Brett asks people to review the steps on the Path to US Core for an eventual approval motion. Hans asks about how to document what's on the path/a future candidate for the benefit of the community. Wayne agrees. Discussion over what declaring candidacy means and how to manage it. Steve: Maybe it's not declaring candidacy but requesting candidacy from US Realm. Discussion over simply dropping the declare candidacy step. Johnathan is concerned about losing that opportunity to provide feedback. Wayne suggests changing "declare" to "propose." Steve: Wouldn't we want them to have something published before submitting for candidacy? Brett will rework the diagram with two different ways to go about it for review next week.

Meeting Outcomes

Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items

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