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border="1" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" | width="0%" colspan="2" align="left" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|HL7 TSC FGB/FMG Meeting Minutes
Location: Regency East #2 | width="0%" colspan="1" align="left" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|Date: 2017-01-19
Time: 3:30 PM |- | width="0%" colspan="1" align="right"|Note taker(s): Anne |}

Quorum yes
FGB Co-Chair/CTO Members
George (Woody) Beeler x Lorraine Constable Regrets Grahame Grieve Regrets David Hay
Regrets Dave Shaver Ewout Kramer x Lloyd McKenzie (FMG) Calvin Beebe
Wayne Kubick
Members Members FMG Members Observers/Guests
x Hans Buitendijk x Brian Postlethwaite Paul Knapp
Josh Mandel x John Moehrke x Brian Pech


  • Roll Call
  • Agenda Review
  • Discussion Topics:
    • Temporary reassignment of Questionnaire & QuestionnaireResponse to FHIR-I from PC
    • Issues from the week
    • Publication readiness
      • Net new resources
    • ProcedureRequest/Diagnostic Request
    • Meeting plan for Madrid

Minutes/Conclusions Reached

  • Roll Call
  • Agenda Review
  • Discussion Topics:
    • Temporary reassignment of Questionnaire & QuestionnaireResponse to FHIR-I from PC
      • Patient Care not entirely comfortable that these are infrastructure and not clinical, but they’ve agreed in principle to transfer them temporarily in preparation for publication.
      • MOTION to temporarily transition responsibility to FHIR-I from PC: Brian Pech/Brain Post
        • Question over necessity of temporary transfer. Lloyd reports outstanding changes are technical. Could changes be assigned to FHIR-I without reassigning the resource? Lloyd would like to see permanent transfer.
      • VOTE: Abstain: 2; Objection: 0 IN favor: 5
    • Issues from the week
    • Publication readiness
      • Should be able to go ahead as planned.
      • STU3: OO believes they can meet the February deadline. Will be focusing on Observation and DiagnosticReport. Some questions around what it means to be FMM 5 and this should be an ongoing conversation. Working on elevating FMM for several and not dropping on others. Lorraine reports that when they were discussing getting Observation to FMM 4, there are potentially less mature resources working off of it. Lloyd recommends raising it as a tooling issue in the tracker.
      • Paul reports that FM has been working on resolving warnings. Shy in terms of documentation for those not familiar with implementing.
      • WorkFlow is going well, Lloyd reports. Talked with RCRIM and they believe they have responsibility for ResearchStudy and ResearchSubject so we should look at transferring from FHIR-I.
        • MOTION to move ResearchStudy and ResearchSubject to RCRIM/BRIDG/BRR: Lorraine/Brian Post
        • VOTE: All in favor
        • ACTION: Anne to update liaison spreadsheet once transition to BRR takes place
      • MnM/FHIR-I worked on Media resource and determined it’s a sibling to Observation. Change request forthcoming.
      • Patient Care working hard but are in decent shape in terms of high priority resources.
      • Imaging says they’re getting through their priorities. They have some thoughts about potential changes that they’ll do in R4. Lorraine notes we need to close the loop between II and OO. Discussion over DICOM and plans for EKG – you can do it, but there is not a current plan. Awaiting someone with enough interest to drive it.
      • Security: Focused on Consent with CBCC and have gotten about 30% of their backlog dealt with. Haven’t addressed quality questions or new warnings yet. Did get agreement that both groups will be meeting in Madrid. Hoping to get more implementers. Ewout reports that Michael Donnelly at Epic is available to think about a track for Consent.
      • Ewout reports global impression is that there has been an increase in ambition as far as FMM levels.
      • PHER: A new resource request will come from them because they’re going to split off a resource. Think they can get their stuff to level 3.
      • Pharmacy: They have no problem to meet deadlines.
      • PHER is doing well.
      • Pharmacy is working on getting most of their Medication resources to level 4.
      • InM was problematic. Have only a few items but they’re not dealing with them. Dave offered one of his new employees to get on the team to help.
      • FHIR-I had PSS to integrate SMART on FHIR with FHIR itself. FHIR-I in general is in decent shape.
      • PA: Brian Post reports that additional editors have been recruited and they are down to 30 items with four items that need decisions. Going into R4, the main work is Scheduling resources with the SOA group. Doing provider directory work as well. Two new resources coming up: ChargeItem and OrganizationAffiliations (name will likely change). Splitting PractionerRole out of Practitioner. Not changing the scope. Discussion over whether or not a proposal is needed. Decision that they should do a proposal for PractionerRole. A bunch of proposals will stay at 1, some will go up to 3, and one (Patient) will hopefully go to 4. Would like it to go to 5 but scope needs FMG approval and veterinary is being considered in the scope without testing as of yet.
        • ACTION: PA to submit proposal for PractionerRole
      • Devices: Went through QA list; need to add mappings to the resources. Will be tackling device loads and location tracking for devices. Not sure if that means additional resources or just profiling. Lacking implementations so will need to participate in Connectathons.
      • FHIR R4: OrderCatalog draft proposal is being worked on. Will also drive discussion around CatalogEntry. Will also focus on updating US Lab profiles and Specimen, Device, DeviceUse. Will look at applying Workflow. Opportunity related to OrderCatalog to use the mapping definitions from LOINC. Security will be working on SMART on FHIR.
      • Net new resources – SpecimenDefinition and Catalog
        • Do we want to include net new resources as draft? Approval would have to happen by March 9th. FMG should have the resources for review by mid-February. Decision to give people a chance to submit but don’t push. Must be lower priority than ballot reconciliation.
          • ACTION: Lloyd to send out email describing draft resource submission guidelines
    • ProcedureRequest/Diagnostic Request
      • Hans reports they look very much the same. Questions have come up – how do you know which to use? Patient Care and OO discussed and motion was made to combine the two resources and progress with the name ProcedureRequest and that OO would be the owner of moving forward. Now they will work on the transition/merge. Discussion over whether or not they need a formal proposal; decision that they do not.
        • MOTION that FMG/FGB approve that ProcedureRequest/DiagnosticRequest request combine with OO being the owner of the new resource: Lorraine/Hans
        • VOTE: All in favor
    • Meeting plan for Madrid
      • Same pattern of a joint Sunday, FGB Q0 on Monday, FMG lunch on Monday, joint on Thursday
      • FGB will reconvene 2016-02-06, 4:30 Eastern, every other week
      • Discussion over moving FMG call. Will do a Doodle poll once Grahame is back.