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2017-11-03 Learning Health Systems Call

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Facilitator Stephen Chu, John Roberts Note taker(s) Emma Jones
Attendee Name Affiliation

Russell Leftwich InterSystems
x John Roberts Tennessee Department of Health
x Stephen Chu Individual
Evelyn Gallego ONC
Kathy Walsh LabCorp
Asim Muhammad Philips Research Europe
Laura Heermann-Langford Intermountain Healthcare
x Emma Jones Allscripts
Jeff Brown Cancerlinq
x Lisa Nelson Individual
Dave Carlson VA
Chris Melo Phillips Healthcare
Michelle Miller Cerner
Benjamin Kummer Columbia University
Matt Rhan
x Michael Padula
Joseph Quinn
Thomson Kuhn
Rob Hausum
Serafina Versaggi VA


  • Chair: John Roberts/Stephen Chu
  • Scribe: Emma Jones

Use Case Review

  • Key objective is to do more story board development
  • John will work on public health
  • Question asked about representing Longitudinal Primary care which may involve teams that are more long term
  • There are also intermediate and transient teams. Is the intent to represent both using the applicable categories?
  • Care team that plays a role within a care team - do all inpatient, outpatient, short term, long term teams fall under this category?
  • Need to capture the variances
  • some in the health care industry believe there are 2 basic teams - inpatient and outpatient
  • Can have providers that follow the patient both inpatient and outpatient
  • Stephen has provided 2 use cases that could be used as "themes"
  • Participation in public health care don't typically follow the patient but affect care thru a population
  • Examples that Stephen was including - is it adding to the traditional model of Primary Care Team, where the patient is the leader or there may be no identified leader of the care team?
  • The following 2 use cases could be "themes" that the categories may be able to fit into
    • Use Case 1 - there is a team leader or coordinator
    • Use Case 2 - there is not a defined care team leader
  • The categories could then be used to drive organization of the care teams
  • Suggestion that before doing that, may want to put some description on the category and quickly describe the roles and responsibilities
  • John will include a public health use case
  • Suggestion take a look at the IHE DCTM story boards and see if it's re-usable or can be used as a starting point
  • Mike will take one of the categories and work out which 'theme' it falls under
  • Emma will copy the IHE DCTM storyboards in the document
  • Lisa will add a use case that include a designated daughter/son taking care or the aging parent. Will have someone in a lead role and it's not the patient.
  • Suggest using the 2 use cases Stephen added as an example for a format - note these use cases were meant to include consent. Suggest adding roles and responsibility as part of the format
  • For now we can focus on the content then we will come back and do the organization and formatting

Link to the Use Case Document is here