2017-10-31 PA Call Minutes

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Patient Administration Call

Meeting Information

PA Work Group Conference Call

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Meeting Information

PA Work Group Conference Call

Gotomeeting - see pafm@lists.hl7.org
HL7 Conference Call phone number

Date: Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Time: 12:00 PM (US Pacific Time, GMT -7)
Quorum Met (Chair+2, Yes/No)? Yes

Facilitator Brian Postlethwaite Scribe Cooper Thompson
Attendee Name Affiliation
X Brian Postlethwaite Telstra Health, AU
X Sam Mater Epic
X Cooper Thompson Epic
X Lori Reed-Fourquet e-HealthSign, LLC
X Daniel Chaput US


Agenda Topics

  1. Harmonization
  2. Tracker Items

Supporting Documents


Brian's dog think's it is play time

Employment History
Finalized v3 content, which leads into v2 content.
Has approval from PHER, need approval to PA.
Need Alex for PA to move forward on figuring out which release this goes into.

Harmoniziation proposal
(needs endorsement from PA)

 <insert link to Lori's document>

Lori reviewed several new HL7 tables that are proposed:
ODH Compensation and Sector Employment Type
ODH Industry
ODH Occupation
ODH Supervisory level
ODH Work Schedule
ODH Employment Status
Lori to follow up with Genny on how volunteer status should be handled between employment status and employment type

Motion: Approve ODH tables for advancement to harmonization
Lori / Cooper: 4-0-0
<insert link to Lori's document>

Moving ODH table proposals to harmonization is good.
Need Alex to answer what release this goes into.

gforge Trackers
14024 -Patient.contact and RelatedPerson need better connection
• Question: should we expand the cardinality on RelatedPerson.relationship to be 0..* (current 0..1)?
o Need more input from other implementers.
o Epic doesn't really have input either way. For us, the relationship is always documented (or inferred) on the thing that is pointing to the RelatedPerson.

13919 - Clarify the use of Patient/$everything against multiple patients
Motion: Update Patient.$everything operation documentation to relax the wording from "should return an error" to "may return an error" and include the capacity to retreive records from all patients a user has access to.
Cooper / Daniel: 4-0-0

13921 - Clarify how $everything can used in update mode
We're generally on board with the proposed change, but still are hung up on how to communicate resources that were deleted since the _lastUpdated query.

 TODO:  vote next meeting - we ran out of time

Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items
  • Next telecom meeting: Tuesday 07. Nov 2017


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