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2017-06-14 Conference Call minutes

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Attendees: Laura Heermann, Emma Jones, Joe Quinn, Stephen Chu, Lisa Nelson,

Agenda: Clinical Status in CCDA Alignment with Act Status in FHIR Condition and Allergy Intolerance Resources, Harmonization CP DAM with CCDA & FHIR


  • There are a set of templates in CDA that are a state model of the record and that act status does not have a status in FHIR resources that is closely aligned.
  • Update: These have been added. Would like ot look at this more carefully in the Thursday call.
  • there are about 20 CDA templates that have the issue when mapping into FHIR.
  • there has been work done on this with the Dynamic Care Plan work at IHE - some gForges were submitted.
  • Next steps are to go to the CP DAM and determine where the gaps are and address the gaps in the DAM
  • Agreed to approach the problem by starting cross mapping the Care Plan DAM the CCDA Template with and The FHIR Care Plan Resource.
  • Will separate the Condition Resource and Allergy Intolerance Resource Act Status and take to the Thursday call.
  • There is a thought of having a care plan section added to CCDA documentation - but we would need to form a team around a PSS to run through Structured Docs to make this happen. It may be more doable with the people available to run this idea/project as a project and profile at IHE. Suggestion made - to put this (Care Plan Section) on the back burner until bandwidth (and have made more progress on the CP DAM/FHIR harmonization work) to run the full project through HL7 processes and make part of the CCDA template.

CP DAM FHIR Harmonization

  • Determined the spreadsheet with the past work on Harmonization is based on the STU2.0 and we need to look at STU3.0.
  • will update the spreadsheet accordingly.

CP DAM FHIR Compare v05 20170614

  • New version of spreadsheet created and sent out to team. Emma will work on getting the STU 3.0 elements in the new spreadsheet.
  • 06/19/2017 - Emma added STU 3 elements. Stephen will work on DAM mappings next.