2017-05-30 PA Call Minutes

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Patient Administration Call

Meeting Information

PA Work Group Conference Call

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Meeting Information

PA Work Group Conference Call

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Date: Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Time: 12:00 PM (US Pacific Time, GMT -7)
Quorum Met (Chair+2, Yes/No)? Yes

Facilitator Brian Postlethwaite Scribe Iryna Roy
Attendee Name Affiliation
X Brian Postlethwaite Telstra Health, Australia
X Irma Jongeneel VzVz, HL7 Netherlands
X Wes Rishel USA
X Iryna Roy Gevity
X Simone Heckmann Germany


Agenda Topics

  1. FHIR review and trackers

Supporting Documents


1. The group discussed the need to represent bank account information as part of financial interaction resources.
We have reviewed the Financial Interaction diagram: http://hl7.org/fhir/financial-module.html
Action item: Simone to add a tracker item to Gforge to support this change. (done)
Action item: PA group to figure out where the reference/group of fields goes - bank account – as part of payer?
Payer may have a reference or a complex element (payment detail or bank account) that can be added there.
Action item: Simone to provide informational examples, preferably around the world, how this would be used. It will serve as requirements for a new complex type/resource.
Simone: a group of fields that contain information instead of data type or resource. If others would need a similar construct, this group of fields can be identified as a new data type or as a new resource.

2. Tracker items:

  1. 13423 - Summary: Appointment Status Reason (e.g. noshow reason)

Discussion: A reason for cancelled appointments may be needed for further actions (business or systems). Use case: One patient that cancelled or missed appointment multiple times may be lower on the scheduling priority vs. the patient that didn't show up because of a provider related reasons or another hospitalization.
The group discussed the coded reason or an annotation. A coded concept can use the text portion of a data type which can be used when the code is not available.
Question is back to a requestor: When recording the cancellation, do you also record optional notes with the status reason code?

No voting required.

Meeting adjourned.

Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items
  • Next telecom meeting: Tuesday 06.06-17


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