2017-05-07 FMG FGB WGM

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HL7 TSC FGB/FMG Meeting Minutes

Location: Borox

Date: 2017-05-07
Time: 12:30 PM
Note taker(s): Anne
Quorum yes
FGB Co-Chair/CTO Members
George (Woody) Beeler x Lorraine Constable x Grahame Grieve x David Hay
x Dave Shaver x Ewout Kramer x Lloyd McKenzie (FMG) Calvin Beebe
Wayne Kubick
Members Members FMG Members Observers/Guests
Hans Buitendijk x Brian Postlethwaite x Paul Knapp
x Josh Mandel John Moehrke Brian Pech


  • Roll Call
  • Agenda Review
  • Discussion Topics:
    • Plans and priorities for the week
    • Gforge
    • Product Priorities

Minutes/Conclusions Reached

  • Roll Call
  • Agenda Review
  • Discussion Topics:
    • Plans and priorities for the week
      • Grahame: Planning for R4. Next meeting will be heads down prepping ballot which is normative for some items in January. This meeting is where we get to decide what things we’ll try to keep on. Need to determine plans for R4. Feedback is saying to move on towards stability, particularly in things moving up maturity model. Discussion over candidates for normative. Have to manage expectations. In terms of deadlines, we want WGs to identify normative intention this week with formalization in July. Discussion over whether or not normative is planned for January or May. Clarification that it is intended to be May. Would be separated into several packages depending on ballot level. Discussion over level of granularity and how to document. Grahame to clarify procedure with TSC. Lloyd: Granularity is by resource and page, but there is a dependency analysis. Lorraine: Granularity discussed at TSC was at a different level. Lloyd: We’ll have a single publication containing everything; within the publication, things will be flagged by the ballot they’re a part of. Grahame: We need to have at least 2 ballots – STU and normative. We may need multiple normative ballots. Lloyd: Ballot submitters will inevitably submit comments about an artifact to the wrong ballot. Need agreement from TSC that we can move the comments to the correct ballot.
    • Lloyd to update WGs on the following in report to co-chairs:
      • For new resources, profiles, or IGs for inclusion in next ballot cycle, draft content must be in place for November ballot deadline; resource and profile proposals must be approved no later than end of January. If material is being refactored there is more flexibility.
      • Targets for maturity levels and plans to reach those targets
      • Will be additional QA rules and changes to QA rules. Need to determine when we release those. Also want feedback on the rules that exist by the end of this month. New QA rules launched by end of June and finalized by the end of July.
      • Would like to have one Connectathon focused on backwards compatibility before normative content. Need to properly document all the types of changes that can happen so implementers know what to do to remain compatible. Discussion over feasibility.
      • Adjustments to workflow patterns. Feedback by end of May with changes to candidate rules by June.
    • Gforge
      • Josh: Where are we with moving away from Gforge? Have allocated some money to the issue. Two parts to the change: technical/financial and understanding the impact to our existing processes. Also need to update TSC. Resources to complete this have been scarce due to time constraints. Agreement that our current process is holding us back. Grahame asks if there is anyone else we trust to understand the impact to our current processes who could do the work? Need someone who understands the ballot process, gforge, and FHIR process. Tony understands ballot process and gforge but not FHIR. Ewout states his company has Jira experts who could help with that piece. Need to get to this by next meeting. Lloyd states he can work on it in June and Ewout will hook him up with someone to help.
  • Lorraine: FHIR registry update? None yet, but hopefully soon.
  • Adjourned at 2:38 pm