2017-02-27 Rx Conf Call

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  • John Hatem(Chair/Scribe)
  • Tim McNeil
  • Steve Emrick
  • Stephen Chu
  • Michelle Miller

Agenda Items and notes

Co-chair nominations

  • 2 seats for Phamacy: Scott (re-running) and Marla (not re-running)

US Meds Ballot Reconciliation

  • No new status updates this week.


  • Identify volunteers to perform QA on the Pharmacy resources: The review should look at definitions, descriptions, constraints, clarity, etc. The result of the review should be sent to the Pharmacy Co-chairs: Melva Peters, Scott Robertson, Marla Albitz and John Hatem.
    • V2 mappings - Marla A
    • RIM mappings - John H
    • NCPDP mappings - Scott R / Tim M
    • Medication Overview - John H
    • Medication Resource - TBD
    • Medication Request Resource - TBD
    • Medication Statement Resource - Michelle M
    • Medication Administration Resource - John H
    • Medication Dispense Resource - TBD
    • Review all query parameters across all resources - TBD
    • Review all examples across all resources - Melva and others TBD
    • Review cross resource consistency, specifically across all Pharmacy resources, where there is the same element, attribute, backbone element. - John H, but ask others to review as well.

FHIR Maturity

  • No updates on Pharmacy resources maturity. Currently we have Medication Statement, Medication Request and Medication all at maturity level 3.

Order Service Catalogue Project

  • This work is proceeding. The current work has 2 new resources being discussed and an assessment about how these new resources will reference existing FHIR resources. Another question that has been discussed is whether there is overlap with the new proposed resources and existing resources.


  • Michelle M and Stephen C raised issues related to Medication Statement table that includes values for both Taken and Status. The introduction to this table (see needs updating and clarification on how to interpret the table and also needs to clarify how the information in this table can be used to answer specific questions about whether a patient is taking / not taking a medication. The updated description for this section needs to address how Taken (patient reported) and Status (looking forward) differ and how the values can be used to answer medication usage questions.
  • Stephen also raised issues related to the code UNK and its description. A follow-up discussion is needed to identify if we have any issues here.
  • John H raised Jose's issue regarding how to reference a Medication Request instance-order in a Medication Administration. One proposal is to use the existing MedicationAdministration.prescription Reference to a Medication Request.

Next meeting

  • Monday, March 6, 2017 at 4pm Eastern