2017-02-09 Rx Conf Call

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  • John Hatem (Chair/Scribe)
  • Scott Robertson
  • Marla Albitz
  • Eric Haas
  • Michelle Miller
  • Brett Marquard
  • Stephen Chu

Agenda Items and notes

US Meds Ballot Reconciliation

  • Consolidated Ballot Spreadsheet File:Ballotcomments FHIR MEDICATION R1 D1 2017JAN.xls
  • February 9 Update:
    • patient friendly terms extension proposal (also TR#12150
      • Feb 9, 2017 - Eric Haas presented two alternatives, one core extension approach, and a second inline approach. After discussion a motion was entered by Brett M and seconded by Scott R. The motion was to add a new element tentatively named 'patientInstruction' with a cardinality of 0..1 and datatype of string. Motion passed: 6-0-0
    • Update from Stephen Chu - status on medicationRequest
      • Feb 9, 2017 - Stephen agreed to follow up with FHIR Workflow team regarding his concerns. Note that this issue is larger than just status, but also includes the use of the Intent element and the Status element.

FHIR Tracker Items

TR#12802 -change name to singular to meet QA guidelines

  • AdditionalInstructions
    • Feb 9, 2017 - After brief discussion. Suggestion was to reach out to MnM to get an exception for changing the name from plural to singular. No vote today, to be discussed on Monday, Feb 13, 2017.

TR#12789 - Derived From on MedicationStatement - cardinality and constraint on type of reference

  • Derived From
    • Feb 9, 2017 - Michelle Miller stated that currently their FHIR implementation has a cardinality of 0..1, and they only support deriving Medication Statement from Medication orders. However in the Cerner system they also derive Medication Statements from claims (this is not implemented in FHIR). There was not a consensus that the cardinality could be constrained to 0..1. There were several examples proposed that would require cardinality 0..5 to 0..1. Action Item: John H to review list of FHIR resources to come up with a candidate list of resources that the Medication Statement can be derived from. No vote today, to be discussed on Monday, Feb 13, 2017.

TR#12758 - Consider whether batch/lot should be on product or package

  • Batch/Lot
    • Feb 9, 2017 - Discussion centered around to right fit for batch/lot. One suggestion was to move it under Package, and change cardinality of Package to 0..*. Action Item: Scott to investigate lot number and batch information and bring that information to next Monday's call.

TR#12733 Add search parameters for Encounter to MedicationStatement

TR#12412 - Need a better name for Medication.product

TR#12396 - Medication package and product

Action:  Confirm if the changes to medication help to clarify

TR#12395 -Basis of Strength Substance

TR#12347 - Adjust Medication.package.container value set to SNOMED CT Physical object hierarchy


  • December 15 - IDMP - could look at using
    • Scott thinks NCPDP may have looked at using SNOMED-CT
    • could use a US centric value set if can't find anything else
    • EDQM example - container list - Jose has found and will provide to the list if there is no copyright issue
    • See updated followup in tracker for recommendation

TR#12175 - MedicationOrder special authorization - In Australia a Warrant number

Action: Scott to determine if there is a US requirement for this

FHIR Maturity

  • Current Maturity status
    • spreadsheet has been submitted - MedicationOrder, MedicationStatement and Medication - MM2
    • review of MedicationStatement Maturity
    • no further need for the resources to get them to MM2
  • Update on MedicationDispense implementations

Order Service Catalogue PSS

  • Feb 9, 2017 - John Hatem reported that the catalog work is investigating whether one or more new resources ( catalog, entity) can support the requirements and whether one or more existing resources (composition, bundle,


  • none

Next meeting

  • Monday, February 13, 2017 at 4pm Eastern