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HL7 TSC FGB/FMG Meeting Minutes

Location: Guest room 317

Date: 2016-09-22
Time: 3:30 PM U.S. Eastern
Note taker(s): Anne
Quorum yes
FGB Co-Chair/CTO Members
George (Woody) Beeler x Lorraine Constable x Grahame Grieve x David Hay
x Dave Shaver x Ewout Kramer x Lloyd McKenzie (FMG) Calvin Beebe
Wayne Kubick
Members Members Members Observers/Guests
x Hans Buitendijk x Brian Postlethwaite Paul Knapp
x Josh Mandel Regrets John Moehrke x Brian Pech


  • Roll Call
  • Agenda Review
  • Discussion Topics:
    • Ballot reconciliation
    • Publication planning
    • Governance issues around joint materials

Minutes/Conclusions Reached

  • Roll Call
    • Guests: (ANNE add from sign-in sheet)
  • Agenda Review
    • Grahame adds announcement
      • Two committees made changes that either are or might be breaking changes to materials at FMM level 5. Implementers have already implemented these. Asking all users to comment for a 3-4 week period.
  • Discussion Topics:
    • Ballot reconciliation
      • Soliciting volunteers to help OO
        • ACTION: Anne to add to FMG agenda for 2016-09-28
      • Ewout met with PHER, PA, Pharmacy, II, and Devices and all had manageable workload.
      • Lloyd spoke with Paul and he wasn’t sure FM would make December; may be draft
      • Goal is for all to reach level 4 if there are plans to go Normative, but not many are reporting that they will. Patient is reasonably comfortable that they’ll reach 5.
      • Need to quickly identify what resources we want to be candidates for Normative in the next round and communicate that to WGs.
        • MOTION to approve 10/9 as cutover to autopunting change requests; 11/27 for final substantive change; 12/4 as content deadline; IGs can make substantive changes until 12/4: David/Brian Post
        • VOTE: All in favor
      • Question regarding NIBs being reviewed by FMG; should that issue go to TSC? PSS for balloted items are due 10/9; NIB deadline is 10/30. Lynn can’t accept NIB on FHIR item until Grahame knows who is responsible.
        • ACTION: Lloyd will talk to Lynn
        • ACTION: Anne to add to TSC agenda
    • Publication planning
      • Harmonization is slated for 11/9 and 11/10. Proposals will be due around 10/9
      • Grahame shows group www.fhir.org/guides/registry where IGs are being housed.
      • QA needs to be organized. Need someone to solicit and organize QA resources. David volunteers.
    • Governance issues around joint materials
      • Grahame: it’s a product family issue. People have various responsibilities for various parts of the product family; others have similar roles in other product families. But content is increasingly overlapping/being shared between families. How should shared material be managed? FGB and SGB will be working on this issue.
      • Have asked the EC and the Board to discuss what is the scope for HL7 – or what is not the scope. More and more participants are coming from the boundaries of healthcare wanting to bring their content to be analyzed and published through FHIR; need to know how it’s even vaguely related to healthcare. Will be developing a framework on which to have the discussion. Doing some chemical ontology work, research work, etc.
    • Items of general interest
      • Ewout: Committees have problems tracking down the use of their resources. Some had not heard about the application roundtable and they would like to talk to those people in order to progress to higher FMM level. Grahame: We’ve agreed that we’ll start tracking implementations on FHIR.org. A few license applications have been approved. Grahame would appreciate help with FHIR.org in this area.
      • Ewout complained about Qcore misusing imaging study; extensions are being published but groups not being notified. Lloyd: Process should be that if anyone puts out an IG that HL7 is voting upon or endorsing, all of the extension used in that IG should be approved by the relevant WGs. Should coordinate with US Realm IG process that was just approved over lunch.
      • II, PHER, would like more contact with FMG liaison. Lloyd has reached out to PHER. John Moehrke/Hans should reach out to II.
      • Grahame suggests generating a list the FHIR liaisons and which WGs own what in the spec.
      • All groups that Ewout worked with were on track with their trackers.
      • Devices has started up a Devices on FHIR initiative, including a new PSS with deadlines and goals.
      • OO and CDS agreed to pursue the current ordering service project with a more concentrated focus. Pharmacy will cosponsor. Updated PSS is being worked on and will be circulated.
      • MnM and Vocab are working on a new process for managing HL7 terminology in a combined sense. Trying to migrate to a single source that will likely be FHIR-based. Will allow for easier review and comment. Will automate as much as possible. Vocab working on PSS that will go to Vocab and EST for cosponsorship. Implementation may start prior to the completion of the process. The amount of tooling work is significant, and we may need to solicit external funding.
      • Discussion over translations.
      • There will be a few more changes happening to workflow patterns on Request, Event and Definition. Will try to apply them by two weeks after this meeting so people have time to apply. Will run some reports to look for consistency around names, definitions, datatypes, and cardinality to make any divergence more clear.
      • Today, US Realm decided to rename DAF Core to US Core.
      • Soliciting opinions on new layout of hl7.org/fhir.
      • FHIR certification: Grahame met with Education and hopefully by the end of the year there will be a FHIR credentialing program. Working on designation – some version of FHIR Certified Engineer. Hans: Whatever we choose for that designation should align with the other potential certifications. Grahame confirms that is being taken under consideration. Discussion over question generation and requirements.
      • FHIR Foundation: HL7 created FHIR Foundation as a reflection that FHIR is a broader theme – encompasses implementers and specification. Will be a home for projects such as Argonaut. If we were to look for funding from a benefactor, it will run through FHIR Foundation as a charitable organization. Need a minimum amount of money to keep the Foundation running; will raise that money by accepting individual members who will get access to community discussions, contacts, jobs, monthly reports, communications. There will be a discount for members for credentialing as well.
      • FHIR.org website: Grahame displays. Members will have the ability to add content (currently only Brian Post can add). Section for trademark applications (will not be public). Plans to get registry.fhir.org up very soon.
  • Adjourned at 5:03 pm Eastern

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