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20160602 sdwg agenda

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  1. Call to order
  2. Business Updates (10 min)
    • Additions/modifications to the agenda
    • HL7
      • RIM (AKreisler)
      • Steering Division / TSC (CBeebe)
      • Vocab (RHausam)
      • Pub facilitator (AHenket)
      • Electronic Services and Tools (JBrown)
      • Patient Care (LNelson)
      • Example Task Force (Brett)
  3. S&I Framework Initiative Updates
    • Electronic Submission of Medical Documentation (eSMD)
    • Clinical Quality Framework (CQF)
    • Data Access Framework (DAF)
    • Other S&I initiative updates (eLTSS, etc.)
  4. Project Updates
    • DSTU Comments - Procedure Section Discussion - Guidance needed on when required and when not (BenjaminF)
    • CDA R2.1
    • Clinical Guidance for Relevant and Pertinent for Generated Documents
    • DSTU comments on C-CDA R1.1/R2.1
    • C-CDA Companion Guide
      • C-CDA Companion Guide content review needs. Please allocate 20 minutes to discuss process and look at example of revision review for Chapter 2. (LNelson)
    • C-CDA value set review
    • CDA/C-CDA on FHIR
    • PHMR (final comment resolution)
    • Vote to approve the PACP ballot package for publishing (LNelson)
      • No issue have been reported on the posted package.
      • Review the Request to Publish Template to confirm it is filled out correctly (this could be done with a co-chair following the meeting) Submission required on 6/2 to meet the approval cycles with evote through the TSC, etc.
    • Need to vote to approve the posted CDA_SDTC for Alpha release
      • No issues have been reported on the posted package.

  1. Adjournment