20160104 FGB concall

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HL7 TSC FGB Meeting Minutes

Location: call 770-657-9270 using code 985371#
GoToMeeting ID: 136-494-157

Date: 2015-mm-dd
Time: 4:00 PM U.S. Eastern
Facilitator: Note taker(s): Anne W.
Quorum = Chair plus 2 yes/no
Co-Chair/CTO Members
Woody Beeler Regrets Lorraine Constable x Grahame Grieve David Hay
x Dave Shaver Regrets Ewout Kramer Cecil Lynch (ArB) x Lloyd McKenzie (FMG)
John Quinn x Calvin Beebe .
observers/guests x Anne W., scribe


  • Roll call -
  • Agenda Review
  • Approve minutes of 20151214 FGB concall
  • Action Item review:
  • Discussion Topics:
    • FHIR Path update
    • SGB discussion regarding proposal for review and approval process for product-family related items
    • Term expirations
    • Orlando agenda
  • FMG update -
  • Methodology update-
  • Review precepts, associated governance points and risks
  • Next steps: Define and Resource other Governance processes.


  • Agenda review: Add backup for Woody
  • No quorum on last call. MOTION to approve last call's minutes by Calvin; second by Lloyd.
  • VOTE: all in favor
  • Backup for Woody:
    • Will propose and vote on backup co-chair in Orlando. Should not be Lloyd or David as they are chairs of FMG.
    • MOTION for Dave to announce this search for co-chair to email list and skype channel with discussion/vote to occur in Orlando by Lloyd; second by Grahame.
    • VOTE: all in favor
  • FHIR path:
    • TSC was going to talk about criteria for new PSSs and at what point it is appropriate/necessary. Calvin: It was discussed today and it will be farmed to SGB. SGB and FGB will have this as a topic at the WGM and SGB will come up with guidance to present to TSC. SGB will likely join FGB Q0.
  • SGB discussion regarding proposal for review and approval process for product family-related items:
    • It was discussed but they will continue the discussion in Orlando on Sunday or Friday
  • Term expirations:
    • TSC will vote at the Saturday WGM
  • Orlando agenda:
    • Joint session discussions:
      • two freezes: one for 2.1 and late freeze for the Connectathon
    • Governance
      • FHIR.org
      • FHIR Foundation
      • Custom resources - notion that people should be able to define their own resources, but have never really addressed the need and decided how that would work, including technology support. Under what governance terms and conditions would we facilitate the process? Calvin: Would those ever become part of the product? Grahame: Under certain conditions we might ask people to bring them forward for consideration.
      • FGB meetings: Sunday joint lunch, Monday Q0, and Thursday Q4
  • Adjourned at 4:28 pm

Next Steps

Actions (Include Owner, Action Item, and due date)
Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items

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