2016-10-07 HSI CALL

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  • Laura Heermann Langford, Stacey Marovich, Lori Forquet , Jennie Lundsen


  • Introductions, Agenda Review, etc.
  • Approve minutes from previous call – deferred – Quorum not reached.
  • NIOSH PSS update
  • Other items deferred to next meeting
    • Glossary


Quorum not obtained.
The NIOSH team has found a primary sponsor for their PSS at PHER. Inquiry as to HSI interest in still co-sponsoring or wanting to be an interested party. Laura informed them we would still like to be a co-sponsor and to add us to that list. Unable to vote today due to lack of quorum so will use the date of the January meeting where HSI voted to support the PSS and be listed as a co-sponsor, with regular updates from the team and specific requests to be brought to HSI for further engagement as needed.
Encouraged Lori Forquet to sign up as a member of HSI as she could very well be the HSI liaison to the project team.