2016-04-22 HSI CALL

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  • John Donnelly (chair), Todd Cooper, Scott Robertson, Chris Carr


  • Approve Minutes from 3/11/2016 and 3/25/2016 HSI Calls
  • Planning for May WGM
    • HSI is meeting on Tues Q4 & Thurs Q4
    • Request for Project updates for which HSI is indicated as a co-sponsor
      • PSS#'s #1231 – David Pyke, #1210 & #1087 – Keith Boone, #1199 – Riki Merrick, #1104 – Ed Hammond
    • Potential other WG's for which HSI should interact with are FHIR Infra WG, Structured Docs, Orders & Observations.
  • Updates on Action Items
    • Re PSS# 1231 (FHIR Document Sharing), official transition of primary sponsorship of this project to FHIR Infra Group from HSI is still in process.
  • New Project Discussions
    • Action #1: HSI co-chairs to post latest version of Issues Tracker to HL7 Document repository for access by all HL7 members.
    • Action #2: Current projects are underway in the Pharma domain requiring HL7-NCPDP collaboration. Scott R will review HSI Issues Tracker and update rows accordingly.