2016-03-25 HSI CALL

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John Donnelly (co-chair), Jenny Brush, Lauren Caruso, Scott Robertson, Tim McNeil, Vijay Shah


  • Approve Minutes from 3/11/2016 HSI Call
    • Moved to next meeting. Insufficient carry over attendees from the 3/11 meeting.
  • Presentation from Jenny Brush on behalf of the S&I SDC team on SDC PSS #1104 re current status and plans going forward

ONC SDC Initiative


    • Jenny presented a pptx for an overview of the SDC profiles. Including the IHE SDC and HL7 FHIR profile options.
    • Jenny highlighted the testing/Connectathon and pilot activities for each.
    • Vijah explained the points of potential harmonization between the IHE work (started before the FHIR profile work) and the FHIR work. For example, that the ISO/IEC 11179 Data Def and the FHIR Data Element Resource are tightly aligned.
    • Form Definition Model topic is currently in discussion and will be reviewed by the IHE SDC profile team over the next few months. This is intended to inform the FHIR Questionnaire and QuestionaireAnswer Resources
    • In IHE, the QRPH domain is the primary contact. In HL7, the list of WG's involved. Primary WG is O&O.
    • From a Gov't agency perspective, the CDC and NCI organizations have been active with the IHE profile development and deployment. They are also active participants on the potential use of the FHIR-based profile as well. The FDA has expressed interest in understanding the FHIR application for SDC.
    • John recapped the collaboration opportunity discussion on the call that a future environment might offer the different IT transport solutions to co-exist in the industry and that the data element guidance would be tightly harmonized. The SDC team concurred.
    • There is no plan (or identified need) for this team to meet F2F with the HL7 WG's at the May WGM. Sept WGM is a possibility.
      • Action #1: HSI to add O&O WG (the primary sponsor of PSS #1104) to its list of WG's to follow-up with at the May WGM re multi-SDO activites pertaining to SDC
  • Planning for May WGM
    • HSI is meeting on Tues Q4 & Thurs Q4
    • Potential other WG's for which HSI should interact with are FHIR Infra WG, Structured Docs, Orders & Observations.
  • Updates on Action Items from 3/11/2016
    • None provided.