2016-02-25 HSI CALL

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Scott Robertson Mary Kay McDaniel Didi Davis Laura Heerman-Langford John Donnelly


  • Approve Minutes from 2/16/2016 HSI Call
    • Laura made motion and Didi 2nd ..minutes approved. Scott, Mary Kay abstained.
  • HSI As Sponsor of Projects – Results of TSC Discussion
    • John D explained outcome of TSC decision that HSI would serve as a co-sponsor of PSS's where SDO collaboration is required.
  • Education topics and speakers
    • Education WG chair (virginia ) has requested for WG's to present opportunities for the specific WG (co-chairs & WG members) to be considered

Mary Kay is currently serving as a liaison between HL7 & X12. New position for her. Relationship has some history but still exploring how to proceed with specific action items. Overall objective is to improve the HL7 - X12 relationship for administrative transactions (HL7 v2, X12). FHIR might be a new opportunity to pursue a harmonized solution set. Current X12 / administrative regulations might be a hurdle...but possibly shouldn't be considered an absolute blocker. Cross-SDO education sessions might be the best way to kick this dialogue off. Scott spoke to educating the HL7 SME's of X12 nuances. FHIR might be a way to get at the RIM in a more granular way than at the CDA or Hl7 v2 trans level. Didi asked about the role of CAQH in this discussion and or industry guidance. No one exactly sure of where boundaries exist. Discussion re the current CAQH CORE rules development.

    • Possible actions:

- review current HSI tracker to see if there are any active PSS's that apply - Mary Kay also member of HL7 Fin Mgmt WG...look at claims attachments activities. HL7 Fin Mgmt & CAQH, and possibly IHE for inventory mgmt and Pharma interactions as collaborative partners. Also in the Master Data Mgmt arena.

  • FHIR STU1/STU2 IHE-HL7 coordination /versions control
    • Nothing new to add from notes from last HSI call.