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2015 12 04 Minutes - CDA R2.1 Project

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  • Austin Kreisler
  • Andy Stechishin
  • Calvin Beebe

Minutes / Notes

  1. Wiki updates
  2. CDA R2.1 Project updates
    1. Discussion on CDA R2.0 Errata
      1. Identified issue with listType - required in narrative
      2. Identified issue with languageCode as CS type
      3. Andy suggested changing to CD and defaulting the codeSystem to the appropriate OID. - discuss with wider group.
      4. Consider other items and discuss
      5. Adding CDA R2.0 Extensions to CDA R2.1 - how do we manage legacy
    2. Review the plans
      1. Submit the new attributes to be added to Alex - include in RMIM diagram
        1. Header attributes ( errata / new attributes)
      2. January - topic
        1. negation indicator modeling requirements - keep old for backwards / new for new modeling
        2. we need clear guidance and may need to seek WG approval (can't allow use of both)
        3. other alternatives (value negation maybe only useful for observation).
        4. Act negation indication - act was not done --
        5. CDA R2.1
        6. Deprecate - Negation Indication - remains observation - for legacy interpretation as it may mean ACT / VALUE negation - referencing the current Term-Info for CDA - reference.
        7. Observation - add the two new act / value negation attributes - there may be a need to update term info - for this revision.
        8. We assert in the text narrative that all other negation indicators in the CDA are ACT negation
        9. Value negation indication - orgnizisms identified e-coli - not found !
        10. negation indicator is action negation expect for observation introduce value negation
      3. clinical statement attributes - alex
        1. January topic - naming conventions for concept domains as the model
        2. Before modeling generation, we need the Concept domains - value sets for CDA 2.1
      4. Determine use of concept domains vs value sets
        1. Realm binding architecture - universal binding maybe still required but we should look at it.
        2. We need to determine the syntax for vocabulary binding
      5. Any new concepts or valuesets or updates need to be submitted to harmonization
      6. any additional classes or changes to the diagram
      7. Section 4.3.5 Section Narrative Block
        1. (Technical Correction) To improve readability and to minimize ambiguity, the following [<xs:complexType name="StrucDoc.Sup" mixed="true"/>] should be changed to [<xs:element name="StrucDoc.Sup" type="xsd:string"/>].
        2. If there are no sub elements are allowed in the schema, then only allowing xsd:string should be ok
        3. RIM - A back in RIM 2.07 you shouldn’t use CS
        4. There is a data type - Universal binding - no flexibility in the selection of the coding system.
        5. Harmonization - relax the universal binding - to recommended relax
        6. Question - to Joint with Voccab. Discussion item about what we can do here.
        7. Did 2.35 relax the bindings
  3. Other