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2015 11 06 Minutes - CDA R2.1 Project

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  • Austin Kreisler
  • Andy Stechishin
  • Calvin Beebe
  • Rob Hausam

Minutes / Notes

  1. Wiki Editing Project updates
    1. N/A - API look reasonable
  2. CDA R2.1 Project updates
    1. Fix fonts with pre tag vs styleCode w/ nbsp and br tag - Ben.
      1. Discussion - bold, italics, underline, fix fonts - take this to structured documents
    2. Review the plan (sequence of changes) to build CDA R2.1
      1. Outline plan for 2.35
        1. Submit the new attributes to be added to Alex - include in RMIM diagram
          1. Header attributes
        2. January - topic
          1. negation indicator modeling requirements - keep old for backwards / new for new modeling
          2. we need clear guidance and may need to seek WG approval (can't allow use of both)
          3. other alternatives (value negation maybe only useful for observation).
          4. negation indciator is action negation
          5. expect for observation introduce value negation
        3. clinical statement attributes - alex
          1. January topic - naming conventions for concept domains as the model
          2. Before modeling generation, we need the Concept domains - value sets for CDA 2.1
        4. Determine use of concept domains vs value sets
          1. Realm binding architecture - universal binding maybe still required but we should look at it.
          2. We need to determine the syntax for vocabulary binding
        5. Any new concepts or valuesets or updates need to be submitted to harmonization
        6. any additional classes or changes to the diagram
  3. Other updates