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2015 09 11 Minutes - CDA R2.1 Project

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  • Austin Kreisler
  • Andy Stechishin
  • Calvin Beebe
  • Jeff Brown
  • Rob Hausam

Minutes / Notes

  1. Wiki updates
    1. Tamera was on vacation this week. Andy will track and see what
    2. Andy was able to execute the API on the wiki for content, and retrieve comments on a page. It is feasible to build a tool to work with the content. Now we can build tools. HTTP Get / web api.
  2. CDA R2.1 updates
    1. Rob's Updates
    2. Waiting to get user id/ pwd
    3. Any decision on advancing the version of the RIM or not? No
    4. 2.28 - is the latest version
      1. Does have new negation indicators / value or action
      2. It would be a substantive change - what options could be use to move back from that release to avoid the issue.
      3. 2.35 - any be the last version that supported both.
      4. Review the R2.1 session - not yet slotted.
    5. Review Extension Summary
      1. Discuss RIM classes to extend attributes -
        1. Observation,
        2. SubstanceAdmninstration,
        3. Supply,
        4. Procedure,
        5. Encounter,
        6. Act,
        7. EntryRelationship,
        8. Generic Participant & Partisipant role- add all the attributes
        9. And Device, Playing Entity, entity
        10. Entities / other roles
        11. Refer to the common product - ManfacturedProduct - LabeledDrug / Material / Clinical statement / reference range and criteria
        12. Header extensions - AssociatedEntity - person - to entity / organization - to Organization
      2. Need to validate what happens in the schema when there is a choice.
      3. Patient needs to be reviewed to see if any are omitted,
    6. Review CDA R2.1 Schema changes
      1. Narrative Text revision - tables in td cells
      2. Discuss naming conventions for CDA R2.1 Schema files -- Naming conventions uv2. -- R##
      3. We will base our changes based on principles
      4. We need to create a naming convention for the artifacts
    7. Vocabulary Extensions
      1. Review previous notes on 17 value sets
      2. Are there any single code bindings that need more that 1 value?
      3. Discuss next steps for Voc-2.1.xsd file revisions
  3. Open Topics