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2015 04 24 Minutes - CDA R2.1 Project

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  • Austin Kreisler
  • Andy Stechishin
  • Benjamin Flessner
  • Calvin Beebe
  • Kathleen Connor
  • Vinayak - Cerner (VK)
  • Rob Hausam

Minutes / Notes

  1. Update from EST on WIKI editing project - Andy
    1. Andy indicated that a secure WIKI site has been setup by HQ for the pilot.
    2. Andy will manage the logins for the site, so author names and e-mail address will need to be provided to him.
    3. Ben will work with Andy on the initial setup of the site.
      1. The site will support both the pilot and the actual CDA R2.1 editing activity.
    4. Feedback on the PSS for the Wiki Editing Pilot for CDA R2.1
      1. OO expressed some concerns and questions about the project. It is possible that we were not clear in the PSS that the content developed on the WIKI site would still be balloted using the traditional V3 Publication format. The WIKI site is only intended to editing purposes and will not be accessed during ballot or publication. The idea is that we will replace using Word as an editor, and use the WIKI site for only the editing. The use of the style guide for the editing of the WIKI site and the development of transforms is intended to convert the content into the publication format.
      2. Andy indicated that he would discuss this with Freda
  2. Paris Topics
    1. The work group setup a couple of meetings at the Paris WGM.
      1. Tuesday Q2 - CDA R2.1 and RIM 2.07a will be reviewed
      2. Thursday Q4 - CDA R2.1 and Backwards compatibility discussion
  3. Open Topics
    1. The group discussed the need to revise the CDA R2.1 Scope document to account for the RIM 2.07a project.
      1. It was decided that the a contingent requirement to use RIM 2.07a should be expressed in the CDA R2.1 Scope document and that if for some reason, resources are not available for the 2.07a RIM project, that a contingency would be to proceed with CDA R2.1 based on RIM 2.07.
      2. Calvin took the action item to post the PSS for both the CDA R2.1 and RIM 2.07a projects on the WIKI site.
    2. The group reviewed last weeks topic on backwards compatibility
      1. Calvin will take an action item to create a PowerPoint that expresses the current strategy being used by the project team on the CDA R2.1 project with regards to compatibility. The project team will review the PPT next week and the plan is to share it at the Paris WGM.