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2015 04 10 Minutes - CDA R2.1 Project

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  • Austin Kreisler
  • Calvin Beebe
  • Kathleen Connor
  • Vinayak - Cerner (VK)
  • Rob Hausam
  • Brett Marquard
  • Andy Stechishin

Minutes / Notes

  1. Current Agenda
    1. Update from EST on WIKI editing project - Andy
      Stand alone a wiki - discusses with HL7 Staff
    2. Discuss "Backwards Wire Format Capable" - All
      1. Concepts:
        1. Old software
        2. New software
        3. Deprecation
        4. Only adding optional element
        5. Continued support of presentation via stylesheets for CDA R2.0
      2. Schema changes
        1. Adding attributes as optional, where the occur in the RIM
        2. Adding a new role, the association classes have cardinality constraints
      3. Old processers - error when processing CDA r2.1 documents
      4. A new CDA 2.1 will not be processable by a CDA R2.0 schema
      5. Most processing is actually template driven
        1. Schema based processing it more brittle when processing CDA instances.
        2. We need to consider the Gunther test!
          1. How has Gunther achieved changes - in SPL Normative
      6. Re: (data types release 2) stayed away from them.
        1. Were some of the SPL releases minor releases and if so, what constraints were applied to the scope of changes that were allowed?
      7. It would helpful to know how commonly schemas are utilizing schemas in their processing.
    3. Levels of backwards compatibility that we will support in CDA R2.1
      1. Are we simply asserting that we are limiting significant changes, but not absolutely disallowing changes.
        1. Are we asserting data types backwards compatibility
        2. Limiting changes, to limit the cost of adopting the CDA R2.1
        3. Supporting changes which are optionally included, so old instances will still process in the new Schema.
          1. Accept omitted attribute inclusion from the RIM
          2. Require SDWG committee votes to include additional optional classes to the CDA R2.1