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2015 04 03 Minutes - CDA R2.1 Project

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  • Benjamin Flessner
  • Calvin Beebe
  • Rob Hausam

Minutes / Notes

  1. Current Agenda
    1. Discuss the communication plan for RIM 2.07a Project
      1. Look at the wording the update as a way to improve the overall product.
        Look at out reach to the ONC - seek support from HL7 Exec Chuck
        Should we have resources before going for a vote, call for resource.
        We need to document the needs for technical work to support the RIM 2.07a - so we can call or obtain needed resources.

      2. How do we propose to modify the HL7 Vocabulary Domains specification?
        1. Wiki
        2. Stepping back in the XML and editing and generating the content
          1. Narrative documentation
          2. VOC.xml
      3. Three activities are needing requiring support / resources:
        1. Identify the codes to be brought down from the later RIMS
          Single person to go through
        2. Validate what is consistent to bring down
          Small team to review (with RIM Vocabulary experience)
        3. The actual editing process, to update the technical artifacts
          May XML expertise hand edit and tooling support to generate the artifacts, otherwise all is hand edited.
    2. Discuss "Backwards Wire Format Capable"

      Defer to the next meeting. - Look at creating a set of alternative definitions and seek review and approval of the one that we should be using.

    3. Open Topics