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2015 02 06 Minutes - CDA R2.1 Project

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  • Austin Kreisler
  • Benjamin Flessner
  • Calvin Beebe
  • Kathleen Connor
  • Rob Hausam

Review Action Items

  1. Status of secure Wiki site for Editors - Ben Flessner

Minutes / Notes

  1. Current Agenda
    1. A question about the modeling of AssignedCustodian class; I.e. Playing / Scoping usage.

      Custodian participation - the organization responsible for the creation of the document.
      Custodian of the original content and custodian of the copies that flow in HIE

    2. Review the write up for the Harmonization discussion on CDA R2.1 vocabulary changes.

      The CDA R2.1 project is attempting to make some improvements to the CDA R2.0 standard, as we pulled the team together, a request was made to support new vocabularies submitted via RIM Harmonization in later versions of the RIM, not found in RIM 2.07, which is the basis of the CDA R2.0 standard.

    3. Issues to consider:
      1. CDA R2.0 is based on RIM 2.07 (2005), the current RIM is 2.41 (2015)
      2. We need to continue to support HL7 Data Types 1.0, as support of Data Types 2.0 would break our wire format backwards compatibility.
      3. The CDA R2.1 team is being asked to support new participation type codes & function codes, and new act relationship codes, actClass codes, roleClass codes.
      4. Just renaming the VOC.xml file does not look feasible, as there are significant structural differences between earlier generation behavior and current generation behavior for the schemas. (e.g. data types enumerations were included in VOC.XML at RIM 2.07, but not in later versions)
      5. Current thinking is that we would like to present a future harmonization request RIM to 2.07 on a selected set of vocabularies which would only add codes defined in later versions of the RIM.
      6. We will also update value sets defined for CDA R2.0, when we create CDA R2.1
      7. We assuming that we might have to manually update the publication package to support a RIM 2.07a, with updated vocabulary documentation, along with the CDA R2.1 release to create a normative publication.

        Note: Universal binding would need to be reviewed by the International council -??
        Quorum issues - can we come up with a process with the International Council??
        Issue: Direct binding to value-sets instead of concept domains.

        Look at some analysis of the vocabulary schemas (review)

    4. Open Topics