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2015JAN V3 Publishing WedsQ3

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V2 Minutes 2015-01-21 Q1

Meeting Information

HL7 V3 Publishing WG Meeting Minutes

Location: Garden Terrace 129

Date: 2015-01-21
Time:Q3 1:45-3 PM CDT
Facilitator Andy Stechishin Note taker(s) Lynn Laakso
Attendee Name Affiliation
x Andy Stechishin cochair
x David Pyke Patient Care
x Lynn Laakso HQ
Quorum Requirements Met: (yes)


Agenda Topics

  1. Q3 V3 Pub Agenda -
    1. Review of Agenda
    2. Review last ballot
    3. Plan for next ballot
    4. Longer term planning
    5. Publishing facilitator introduction for David, Patient Care: Health Concern


Minutes/Conclusions Reached:
Convene 1:55 PM

  1. Review of Agenda
  2. Review last ballot
    • Lynn notes there were missing RMIM and DMIM images from PA, Nutrition. Content problems were all with items that were not up for ballot.
  3. Plan for next ballot
    • Health Concern DAM I1 reconciliation in process. David is not sure if they will be going to the next ballot in May
    • We don't know the Harmonization schedule so we cannot approve the 2015May ballot countdown and calendar. Tentatively the preview site opens March 15, ballot opens 4/3/2015.
    • V2 Publishing named Frank Oemig an interim cochair for May. David notes that he won't be in Paris.
  4. Longer term planning
    • Normative Edition 2015 - try to have it out for 2015May
    • Removal of expired DSTU is a manual process
    • Budgeting discussion of costs of fixing static model design software
    • Lynn will send out the list of items for the 2015 NE to solicit submissions and include a link to the wiki page, and current online NE content list; NE 2015 submission deadline is March 29.
    • Need to verify process to confirm the review of material in ballot, e.g. must receive an email from cochairs to DTP during the preview period.
    • Lynn will request use of HQ GTM for V3 pubs call on Fridays at 1 PM
  5. New Business
    • Andy cites a TSC discussion of the record of balloting and what happened in the ballots. Need a longer notice for reaffirmation at 5 years; potential change to a 5-year planning cycle for WGs
    • CMET R3 ANSI release was in 2012. Each WG will have to reaffirm their own CMETs post-ANSI R3. Andy is working on a CMET Management website. However we need to establish ballot artifact history as well which needs data from the ballot sites/ballot dbs. Would like to design the CMET site to use the website login and permissions. It is currently using Ruby on Rails hosted on Hiroku.
  6. Adjourned 3:05 PM CDT

Meeting Outcomes

  • .
Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items
  • Feb 6 2015

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