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20150714 US Realm SC Call

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US Realm Steering Committee Call Agenda/Minutes

Location: call 770-657-9270 using code 985371#

Date: 2015-07-14
Time: 1 PM Eastern
Co-Chairs Ed/Ken Note taker(s) Anne
Attendee / Name
Calvin Beebe Keith Boone Regrets Hans Buitendijk
x Lorraine Constable x Johnathan Coleman x Ed Hammond
x Tony Julian x Paul Knapp Regrets Austin Kreisler
Regrets Ken McCaslin John Quinn x Pat Van Dyke
Anne Wizauer
Visitor / Name
no quorum definition



  • Agenda review
  • Review notes from 20150707_US_Realm_SC_Call
  • Action Items
    • Ed to discuss registry project with Chuck/Ken/John to ensure that the work is being done within our processes
    • Did we secure a representative for T3SD? (Brian Pech is unavailable)
  • Discussion:
    • Issue regarding whether or not USR-SC will vote on dispositions/own content (question from FHIR)
    • Potential of creating US Affiliate


  • Called to order at 1:04 pm
  • Anne will check with Sandy Stuart as a potential replacement for Brian Pech, who is unable to serve.
  • FHIR issues:
    • Paul states that the FHIR group is working on several items that may need US Realm input (DAF, SDC, etc.). Some has been pushed off to committees. There are also certain vocabularies that are key and strategic in the US and not in other locations. We need to make sure those things are being addressed as well so we can provide guidance, to FHIR and all of the standards. Ed: Before the call stated, Johnathan stated that they’re trying to get a consensus of the questions and issues and will present those over the next couple of weeks. Johnathan: yes, we’ll be getting together on Friday to consolidate and capture the various FHIR issues, and then we’ll prioritize and bring them forward to HL7 and quite possibly to this group. Ed: first challenge is articulating the issues and then determining how they’ll be settled. Lorraine: In addition to the value sets there will be US realm profiles that will need to be managed and tracked somewhere. Ed: last time we talked we’d wait until we had specific examples. Are race and ethnicity not as important outside the US because they’ve solved the issue? Paul: They’re not perhaps considered as having clinical relevance. Ed: it’s true that we are using it differently. Paul: in other countries it can be considered in appropriate and possibly even illegal to collect race data. We just need to recognize that in the US there are certain things we need to supply because that’s the way it’s done; we need to have the use of vocabularies because of this. Other countries have their own challenges associated with that.
  • Paul: People within the US jurisdiction need guidance with what to use; we have a role with helping them determine what to use, but not in creating it. When it comes to profiles or templates in FHIR, there will be a desire to have an official US realm template which people can then draw from and use, rather than having multiple interpretations. Diversity creates a lack of interoperability. Ed: in terms of US realm, Meaningful Use is beginning to define data elements and we should map into those. Paul: the problem is when you’re lacking the broad national perspective and create de facto approaches. The purpose of affiliates is to be a point of contact/a decision maker on behalf of the community and to provide leadership in terms of access to information and consistency. Ed: should we invite vocab co-chairs and open conversation with them? Paul: yes, that would be good. Pat: so the OMB has Hispanic/not Hispanic, but in HL7 we might have different value sets for ethnicity. Paul: I’m not proposing that we create a value set; I’m proposing we should be able to tell people which value set to use. Ed: we need to know what others are doing as well – National Library of Medicine, etc. Should part of our activity be documenting what is being used in the US and how do we incorporate it into FHIR? Paul: yes, these are the types of questions that are arising. Lorraine: and also, who manages those value sets?
  • Anne to invite vocab co-chairs to upcoming meeting

Meeting Outcomes

Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items

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