20150415 FMG concall

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HL7 TSC FMG Meeting Minutes


(voice and screen)

Date: 2015-mm-dd
Time: 4:00 PM U.S. Eastern
Chair: Note taker(s): Anne W.
Quorum = chair + 4 yes/no
Co chairs x David Hay x Lloyd McKenzie
ex-officio Woody Beeler,
Dave Shaver
FGB Co-chairs
. John Quinn, CTO
Members Members Members Observers/Guests
Hans Buitendijk x Brian Postlethwaite x Paul Knapp x Anne W., scribe
Josh Mandel John Moehrke Brian Pech
x Mark Kramer, Claude Nanjo


  • Roll Call
  • Agenda Check
  • Minutes from 20150408_FMG_concall
  • Administrative
    • Action items
      • David to reach out to Grahame to notify him of Devices not being ready for May
      • Anne to invite Todd Cooper to next call
      • Grahame to write up details of agreement regarding continuous build freeze issue and send to Lloyd for posting.
  • Discussion
    • WGs with too many resources
  • Reports
  • Process management
  • AOB (Any Other Business)


  • Quorum not yet met. Mark Kramer here to discuss device resources for the CQI WG (DeviceUseRequest and Statement). Lloyd states that these are not yet approved to include in Core. These two have come into being because they are a convenient mechanism for grouping/collecting things that are device related – is that a fair statement? Mark states they are talking about durable medical devices (pacemaker, wheelchair, etc.) that remain with the patient and become part of their medical history. Modeled after medication statement. A DeviceUse is an actual occurrence, while the DeviceRequest is a suggestion. Lloyd wonders if there is a need for these resources as their purpose seems to be served by other existing resources. Prolonged discussion over a variety of other resources and if they fully address this issue. Claude wonders about making it a profile on observation. Lloyd asks what the use case is that is driving the need for tracking use? How is this being captured now in systems? Paul suggests running this past OO/PA to ask for rationalization. Lloyd will update the change request splitting supply into two compartments and noting the other questions from FMG. If supply gets split into request and supply and/or bulksupply/bulksupplyrequest, is there still a need for userequest? This should be answered by OO/PA. Lloyd will post to existing tracker and contact Eric to coordinate with OO.
  • Paul added detail to the Financial track.
  • Next week: discuss where we’re at the FHIR registry.

Next Steps

Actions (Include Owner, Action Item, and due date)
  • Lloyd to update change request to split supply into two compartments and note other FMG questions, and also contact Eric to coordinate with OO
Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items

20150421 FMG concall

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