2015-12-21 Rx Conf Call

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Attendees to be updated

  • John Hatem
  • Marla Albitz (Scribe)
  • Scott Robertson (Chair)
  • Shelly Spiro
  • Sue Thompson
  • Zabrina Gonzaga
  • Jose Costa Teixeira
  • Tricia Lee

FHIR Workflow Meetings Status

update on Action item:  Scott - find / asked for / create(?) a 1-pager explanation of what the business need and proposed solution.
  • update on discussions:
    • Continued discussion on 'task'
    • units of work was raised by Keith B.
    • Discussion will be continued next week in the Workflow meeting.
  • 12/21 meeting did not occur today, no one from Rx attended last Wednesday


  • Jose will like to address in January 2016 workgroup meeting
  • Jose will provide a link or summary to provide more information on topic - short summary
  • Shelly Spiro offered her expertise on subject.
Action: Jose to provide short explanation of openMedicine.

FHIR Ballot Discussion Items

    • A = Dosage Related
    • B = Terminology
    • C = Misc
    • D =
    • E = Examples
    • F = Multiple indications/reason for order
    • G = Status
    • H = Medication Related
    • I = Mappings

8778 – dosage based on body surface area

  • December 7, 2015 Update
    • chemotherapy order templates - PDF format for chemotherapy schedule, regimen, etc
    • Trying to define a fhir server that could serve this data in a FHIR resource
    • These are not patient specific, but the content could be used to create an order for a patient
    • Templates themselves are closest to a care plan - includes a cycle a definition
    • Timeframe - needed by the end of March
  • /December 4, 2015 Upate
Action: Maxdose - Chris and Lee discussed options.  will post link to Lee's suggested options and Chris's options.  discuss on next available call.  
Action:  Updated 8778 with link to Lee's options.  
Action:  Melva:  ask is to find a quarter to discuss these requirements in Orlando.  Inform Lee of the time.  

8442 – MedicationPrescription – clarify datewritten and prescriber – group discussed final decision noted in GForge item

update on Action item: Jose to create new change request to address the documentation work only and separate from the infrastructure issue.
update on Action item:  Jose will develop a resolution for consideration at the next call. Principly 8442, could impact 5827, 8276, 8378, 8526, 8783 .   Jose created 9087, need confirmation if this is the item that addresses the above request.  I believe it is.  
  • 12/14 - discussion on this issue did not result in any changes to item 8442. Needs further discussion.

Other FHIR Items

  • Mappings of HL7 v2 to Pharmacy FHIR
CLOSED Update on Action item: Marla to complete 7830 - consult with Mike Henderson - Will pull this item into the larger v2 mapping effort.
  • PSS for FHIR content
Update on Action item:  Melva has sent draft to list - please review and provide comments.  Plan is to approved this in Orlando Pharmacy WGM.

5925 & 8021 (grouping A)

update on Action item: Tom to review spreadsheet John forwarded on 11/9 .  Tom volunteered on the 11/2 call to look at this.
Completed Action item: John will review spreadsheet to see which resource elements/attributes may be affected.
  • John started presenting his review/work on the call.
  • Will continue reviewing and vote (if applicable) on the next call.
  • 12/4 - no discussion this week.


  • CLOSED Medication.form discussion.
update on Action Item:  discussed on 12/14, Michelle will create a new tracker item regarding the new documentation requirements that address this issue.  No changes, other than documentation, were identified for this new item.
  • Tracker items was created by Michelle (find meeting minutes from last week)

PSS for Pharmacy Care Plans

  • introduction and first reactions
    • Sue, Zabrina and Shelly attended today's meeting for this topic
    • Scott expressed goal of today's meeting to get Rx familiar with PSS, not vote today.
    • Shelly provided overview of project scope
      • new project for a DSTU, not normative
      • project in response to changes occurring today in the United States, changes to value based payment models, CMS came forward with an enhanced medication management care plan in 11 states.
      • Project U.S. centric, working from the existing eCare plan.
      • supports workflow within Pharmacy Clinical services
      • Shelly shared that there is agreement from several large organizations to implement the eCare plan. This included hundreds of pharmacies within North Carolina (Community Care of North Carolina), as well as, Indian Health Ministries in the Great Plains.
      • Project deliverables will meet the value based payment models for CMS and ONC.
      • Shelly would like project to be approved at the January workgroup meeting so that early adopters can implement in time for January 2017.
      • Rx WG listed in the PSS as the Primary Sponsor with StructuredDocs as co-sponsor.

ARB Project

  • ARB update?
    • meeting is planned for Dec 17, 2015
    • update from John: meeting has not occurred as of 12/21

Other business

  • These two action items are being addressed by Marla, and she will inform us of their progress week to week as they progress.
CLOSED GForge Item # 9164 - Update on Action Item: Marla to enter change request for RXA-25 v2 FHIR mapping issue.
CLOSED Update on Action Item: Marla Reach out to Mike Henderson and Jose about final touches to the v2-FHIR mappings (perhaps even outside of the FHIR resources)

January Orlando schedule

  • Lee Sergeant - wants time in Q1 or Q3 on Tuesday. Topic - Oncology related FHIR questions.
  • John will be at meeting Monday through Friday.
  • Zabrina's schedule is flexible for eCare PSS discussion. Suggested Monday Q4
  • Shelly Spiro will not be at the WG meeting
  • Jose for openMedicine - Tuesday Q3
  • Monday will be a focused 'committee' day and then move into FHIR work the rest of the week.
Action: John to update WG schedule per notes above.

Next meeting

  • No meeting on Monday, Dec 28th
  • Next meeting Monday, Jan 4th - Marla will not be present