2015-12-18 HSI CALL

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Home Healthcare Standards Integration (HSI)

Meeting Information

HL7 HSI Meeting Minutes

Location: Webex 925 644 875

Date: 2015-12-18
Time: 11:00 am PDT
Facilitator Todd Cooper Note taker(s) Laura Heerman-Langford, John Donnelly
Attendee Name Affiliation
Keith Boone GE
Hans Buitendijk Cerner
Chris Carr RSNA
Todd Cooper C4MI
John Donnelly Intepro Solutions
Laura Heermann-Langford Intermountain
Emma Jones Allscripts
Elliott Lavy QuadraMed
Alex Lippitt HIMSS
Mary Kay McDaniel Cognosante
Chris Melo Philips
Riki Merrick Vernetzt
David Pyke Ready Computing
Scott Robertson KP
Elliot Silver McKesson
Bill Kleinebecker
John Moehrke GE Medical
Didi Davis The Sequoia Project
Quorum Requirements Met: TBD


Agenda Topics

  1. Welcome, attendance, agenda review
  2. Approve Minutes from Atlanta WGM HL7 HSI 2015-10 Atlanta WGM rev1 rough draft
  3. Finalize Agenda for January WGM (Orlando)
    1. HSI Meeting Agenda (Tuesday & Thursday afternoon)
    2. HL7 WG Engagement (aligned to HSI Roadmap priorities)
  4. FHIR Resources in IHE Profiles List
  5. Additional Business

Supporting Documents

  1. HSI Issues Tracker spreadsheet (with proposed priorities)


Minutes/Conclusions Reached:

1 Agenda Review

  • Agenda reviewed and approved without modification

2 Approve previous minutes

  • Minutes from Atlanta WGM. Team asked to review, and approve.
  • Minutes recently posted. Team asked to review, provide feedback and will be approved at next meeting.

3 Finalize Agenda for January WGM (Orlando)

  • HSI Meeting Agenda
  • Tues Q4
  • HSI Roadmap (Project priorities discussion)
  • Method of keeping specifications up to date (change proposals etc) between IHE (& other SDO's) and Hl7
  • Thurs Q4
  • Review Work group Health items
  • HL7 WG Engagement

4 FHIR Resources in IHE Profiles List