2015-10-26 Rx Conf Call

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  • Melva Peters (Chair)
  • Marla Albitz (Scribe)
  • Michelle Miller
  • Chris Nickerson
  • Scott Robertson
  • Shirin Haider-Zaidi
  • John Hatem
  • Daniel (Epic)

FHIR workgroup meeting

  • Occurring on Monday and Wednesday (12pm) of each week. Scott will be attending for us. If Scott cannot attend, Melva asked Scott to let the co-chairs know.

FHIR Ballot Discussion Items

  • Updated and closed four v2 mapping ballot comments.
  • Worked through ballot items that Melva has grouped into categories.
    • 8012, 8569 update with "need guidance", group will seek assistance.
Action item:  Marla to complete 7830 - consult with Mike Henderson
  • 8050 - Scott to make NCPDP updates for DSTU 2.1.
    • motion to complete the mappings for NCPDP for DSTU 2.1. Motion Scott Marla Seconded Vote:7:0:0
  • 8690, 8691, 8689 approved in Atlanta - resolution - provide example to example that a denominator for a ratio can be a '1'.
 Action item: Melva to update GForge to reflect Atlanta vote/approval.
  • 8688 - Approved in Atlanta
 Action item: Melva to update Gforge 8688
  • 5925 - request to add free text SIG. We stated that we would update the description for dosage.text
 Action item: to compare the text attribute across all resources. John will pull the values into a spreadsheet for comparison at the next meeting.
    • A = Dosage Related
    • B = Terminology
    • C = Misc
    • D =
    • E = Examples
    • F = Multiple indications/reason for order
    • G = Status
    • H = Medication Related
    • I = Mappings
  • Timing discussion
    • how to represent "to be taken 10 minutes before meal"
    • DSTU2 guidance still incorrect (verified during call)
    • handled by change request # 8697
      • adding new offset guidance to handle this.
      • targeted for DSTU 2.1
Action item: Melva to enter change request to change examples to reflect this new timing data type change.


  • MedicationOrder.timing - there is an issue in the Timing datatype - waiting for changes to the datatype and then there may be an update needed once completed

ARB Project

  • Update from John
    • Meeting focused on a tool centric discussion
    • Tool would provide ability to map to the datatype level.
    • No action needed from Pharmacy at this point. Will reach out to us when pharmacy is needed.
  • Received meeting request from ARB for Tuesday Q4 in Orlando. Melva accepted and John volunteered to go.

Other business

Action Item: Melva to reach out to Kai on his Art Décor v3 entries.
Action Item: Marla to enter change request for RXA-25 v2 FHIR mapping issue.

Next meeting

  • Monday November 2, 2015 at 4pm Eastern
  • Agenda Items
    • Harmonization Proposal Review
      • look at harmonization proposals for needed Rx involvement.
      • vote on our involvement with projects.