2015-08-17 Rx Conf Call

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  • Melva Peters (Chair)
  • John Hatem (Scribe)
  • Ric Smithies
  • Chris Nickerson
  • Jose Costa Texeira
  • Tom de Jong
  • Tim McNeil

FHIR Ballot Reconciliation

  • Regarding FHIR Assignment updates - Ric and Chris have been updating the assignments as they are completed in gForge.

Status Discussion (PRIORITY ITEM)

  • Completed review and final edits for 'status' for the following resources:
    • Medication Order
    • Medication Administration
    • Medication Dispense
    • Medication Statement
      • A motion to accept the updated status definitions and cardinality changes was made by John Hatem, and seconded by Tom de Jong. The motion passed For - 6, Against - 0, Abstain - 0
  • Action Item: The spreadsheet with the documented changes was sent by John Hatem to Melva, who I believe has an action item to update FHIR with the details of the changes.
  • A suggestion to review a new status called 'Proposed' was deferred for a future call.

MedicationPrescription vs MedicationOrder (PRIORITY ITEM)

  • The Medication Prescription was renamed Medication Order. One follow up based on some listserv and email discussions was a suggestion to update the definition for Medication Order. John Hatem has proposed some updates to this definition that will be discussed at our next meeting.

Lot and Batch

  • No decisions on this topic this week.


  • Deferred all other listserv discussions this week, as we focused on our FHIR critical items.

ARB Project

  • Update from John - the meeting focused on the creation of project specific deliverables including the creation of use cases, identifying the users of the project deliverables, tooling. Lloyd had previously raised issues regarding whether this project should be a FHIR project or an ARB project - this is under discussion with FMG, ARB and TSC.

Status on 2 Unpublished ballots - Scott

NCPDP Implementation Guidance - Ballot Reconciliation

  • what is the status of this? All comments resolutions will be accepted per the ballot reconciliation spreadsheet. Moved John H, Seconded Jean Duteau Vote:5:0:0
Completed Action Item: Scott will post ballot reconciliation spreadsheet
Completed Action item: Scott to send a note to Karen re: publication Update - Scott sending email 7/6, today
Action:  8/17 update - email update from Scott - "I have all of the old ballot items in the works. Still pending negative withdrawals".  


Next meeting

  • August 24, 2015