2015-08-03 Rx Conf Call

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  • John Hatem (Chair)
  • Marla Albitz (Scribe)
  • Melva Peters
  • Scott Robertson
  • Rik Smithies
  • Jose Costa Teixeira

FHIR Ballot Reconciliation

  • Medication Examples discussion
    • John led group through various scenarios with the goal to answer questions to inform example creation.
  • Modelling changes - Discussion
  • Medication.Coding
    • Completed Action: Tom de Jong will author explanation for medication.coding for group to vote for inclusion.
Action: Marla to ask Tom to finalize the wording based on responses to allow group to vote at next meeting.
  • Medication Name - is name attribute needed when the code attribute has a display text? Tom circulated this question to the group.
    • Completed Action: Tom de Jong to circulate a proposal that will suggest explanation for use of medication name attribute in addition to Medication codeable code and display text.
 Action: Group to draw conclusions from email exchanges, discuss and vote at next meeting. There is debate as to whether medication name should be removed or not. 

  • Group reviewed and discussed proposed status' for medication administration.
  • Will continue this discussion to next week's meeting.
Action: 8/3 still outstanding - John to send out status' changes to allow for a vote next week on 8/3.


  • New request (7/20): Modify medication prescription from Michelle Miller
    • Need to determine how FHIR versioning is handled to help understand how a prescription is updated over time - Rik explained on the call that FHIR provides the ability to have an old version and a new version of the resource, but whether the resources persist over time as it changes, it a non-FHIR issue and is handled by the systems and data stores exchanging resources.
Action: 8/3 - still outstanding - John to respond to Michelle to get more information about the types of resource updates she is referring to for this issue.
  • Medication.code.coding from Michelle Miller - see Medication.code actions in FHIR section for details.
  • Medication frequency question from Christina - John forwarded to Tom to ask him to answer this question.
 Action: Scott will look at our hot topics list to see if we have this issue listed.

NCPDP Implementation Guidance - Ballot Reconciliation

  • what is the status of this? All comments resolutions will be accepted per the ballot reconciliation spreadsheet. Moved John H, Seconded Jean Duteau Vote:5:0:0
Completed Action Item: Scott will post ballot reconciliation spreadsheet
Completed Action item: Scott to send a note to Karen re: publication Update - Scott sending email 7/6, today
Action:  8/3 update - Karen has not responded, Scott will try calling Karen **** can close project once completed - still needs to be done, will be done once scott confirms that Karen responded, close to being done

ARB Project

  • update from meeting from John - last week's meeting did not include Pharmacy items.
  • Link to ARB meeting minutes:


Next meeting

  • August 10, 2015
  • Agenda
    • Final review of medication status's and vote
    • Vote on removal of medication.name
    • Vote on wording of medication.code explanation

Definition: A code (or set of codes) that specify this medication, or a textual description if no code is available. Usage note: This could be a standard medication code such as a code from RxNorm, SNOMED CT, IDMP etc. It could also be a national or local formulary code, optionally with translations to other code systems.

Comments: Depending on the context of use, the code that was actually selected by the user (prescriber, dispenser, etc.) should be marked as “primary”. Other codes can only be literal translations to alternative code systems, or codes at a lower level of granularity (e.g. a generic code for a vendor-specific primary one).