2015-07-20 Rx Conf Call

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This is a temporary page to be updated after today's meeting - JH July 20, 2015


  • Marla Albitz (Scribe)
  • John Hatem (Scribe)
  • Rik Smithies
  • Chris Nickerson
  • Scott Robertson
  • Daniel Zhang
  • Jose Costa Teixeira
  • Iryna Roy

FHIR Ballot Reconciliation

Outstanding Items to be Triaged

 Action: For items 8112/8107 - add agenda item to next working group meeting to discuss what do to for both. Strategy: To focus on status needs for one resource and then consider status requires for all other resources, ideally one by one.
 Completed Action: for items 8112/8107 - John will do the prep work prior to next WG meeting for the Precription and Administration resources.
  • John presented and group reviewed draft status' for the Prescription Resource.
Action: In next call, group to cleanup the valueset definitions for status (Prescription and Administration)
 Action: for items 8112/8107 - Melva will do the prep work prior to next WG meeting for the dispense and medicationstatement resources.
  • Group discussed Gforge item #8409 - "MedicationPrecription.Substitution" recently submitted by Michelle Miller. Group will check with Julie to confirm that the recent vocabulary change would address this issue instead of taking the approach of using a Boolean for a substitution property.
Action: Melva to add Jose's change request to WG list
Action: Melva to email Julie to inquire about the vocabulary approach to address Michelle's issue.
  • Motion: John, second Jose Voted 7:0:0 - to handle items 8378 and 8276 with the same solution - two items are closely related. Group will then decide if a "reason" is needed for all status changes.
  • Motion: John Second: Rik Voted 7:0:0- Item: 8377 - Group motions that this item can be addressed through use of an extension.
  • Item #8228 needs a change to allow for a range for rate to be handled. Requires adding the choice to be able to enter a rate change or a rate quantity.
    • Motion Marla, Second John - Voted:7:0:0 for us to allow range to be added to resource, assigned to Rik to determine the how this will be accomplished.


  • new request (7/20): Modify medication prescription from Michelle Miller
    • Need to determine how FHIR versioning is handled to help understand how a prescription is updated over time - Rik explained on the call that FHIR provides the ability to have an old version and a new version of the resource, but whether the resources persist over time as it changes, it a non-FHIR issue and is handled by the systems and data stores exchanging resources.
Action: Respond to Michelle to get more information about the types of resource updates she is referring to for this issue.
  • new request (7/20): Medication.code.coding from Michelle Miller
    • In progress, Tom provided response - still outstanding questions - WG to discuss further
  • MedicationStatement vs MedicationPrescription
    • need to determine the specific discussion - it was a long email thread
    • need to address this discussion with clarity on our resources and examples

Completed Action: review the email thread to determine if ballot comment reconciliation to add clarity and examples will address issues/discussion

  • Decision: Group agreed to build examples through ballot comment reconciliation to address issues to address issue
  • Whether Immunization should be its own resource vs a profile on MedicationAdmin
    • PHER needs to wade in on this discussion - it was decided 3 WGMs ago that PHER will create a profile
Completed Action:  Melva to send email to PHER to determine where they stand on the creation of a profile - complete
* Update 7/6 - Melva informed the group that PHER has decided to build a profile
Action: John to contact Grahame - to explain that why we are not going to add the two extensions immunizations create in their profile.  
  • gforge task - Timing and MedicationPrescription.dosageInstruction examples

File:Email - Michelle Miller.pdf

Action: Tom to author a reply to Michelle, Tom will send to co-chairs for review before sending to Michelle
  • Question from Jose - Substitution

File:Substitution (FHIR).pdf

Action: Add comment to GForge action to review vocabulary bindings.
  • FHIR Medication Resource questions/feedback - Received 7/6
Action: Melva to followup with listserv issue, note that Grahame has already noted issues with the findings.

NCPDP Implementation Guidance - Ballot Reconciliation

  • what is the status of this? All comments resolutions will be accepted per the ballot reconciliation spreadsheet. Moved John H, Seconded Jean Duteau Vote:5:0:0
Completed Action Item: Scott will post ballot reconciliation spreadsheet
Completed Action item: Scott to send a note to Karen re: publication Update - Scott sending email 7/6, today
Action:  can close project once completed - still needs to be done, will be done once scott confirms that Karen responded, close to being done

ARB Project

  • A new ARB project has been approved. This project will be used to identify the process and tools required for the development of computable links for semantic interoperability that would be useful in FHIR. One of the candidates would be to develop computable links between FHIR and RIM constructs.
    • The first project meeting was held on Friday, July 17, 2015. Attendance was by members from Pharmacy WG (John Hatem), RDF group and ARB.
    • Meeting minutes were taken by Tony Julian and will be posted. That link will be added to these minutes when available.
    • The initial meeting was used to introduce the members, provide some background on the Pharmacy Resources and identify specific next steps related to evaluation of the existing mappings, identify/create a location for content that this project will produce. This meeting also explored several technical issues e.g. use of xpath, use of RDF directly, past use of CMETs and how that relates to this project.
  • Today's update (7/20) - John updated team: The project has been approved. ARB started discussing the approach for the project. Evaluated Rx Workgroup's work around mapping. Will be using the Rx work groups mapping of v3 to FHIR resources.

Next meeting

  • July 27, 2015