2015-06-08 Rx Conf Call

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  • John Hatem (Chair)
  • Marla Albitz (Scribe)
  • Tim McNeill
  • Jose Costa Teixeira
  • Charlie Mead


  • Ballot Reconciliation - See Gforge
  • John briefed the group on ballot reconciliation status
    • Not yet reflected in GForge, 10 items left to triage
    • Group of items need modelers attention, not done in the session.

Open Discussion

• Charlie Mead - Discussed a new ARB project for the development of computable links for semantic interoperability that would be useful in FHIR. One of the candidates would be to develop computable links between FHIR and RIM constructs. He relayed discussions that occurred had around this topic at the Paris OOC meeting, at the Paris ITS and ARB meetings. He has put forth a new PSS with ARB that uses RDS and Pharmacy FHIR resources. Proposes a project with RDS and pharmacy to build tools and/or grammar to support this venture. A PSS has been developed and will be presented in tomorrow's ARB meeting. Charlie wants the Rx group to know about this effort and consider our group supporting the effort. Charlie believes that Pharmacy has done much of the work of defining the linkages, but still needs to be converted to a computable form. He believes much of that work will occur in the ARB subgroup working on RDS.

Action: Charlie will send the project scope statement (post RDS meeting) to Rx WG for consideration. 
Action: Rx Co-chairs to meet to discuss and determine the Rx WG's role in the effort.

Next meeting

  • June 15, 2015