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2015-04-27 Rx Conf Call

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  • Scott Robertson (Chair)
  • Tim McNeil
  • John Hatem
  • Melva Peters (Scribe)
  • Jose Teixeira
  • Marla Albitz


  • DSTU 2 is now available for review and ballot comments
    • Marla A will document HL7 v2 to Pharmacy Resource mappings and document any issues in the ballot - Marla is looking at the existing mappings for V2
    • Tim M and Scott R will document NCPDP to Pharmacy Resource mappings and document any issues in the ballot
    • Melva has some comments to submit related to quality
    • John is submitting comments
    • Grahame Grieve – believes we need another resource in Rx. Ability to distinguish between drugs that need to be administered and another to show what has been administered. But we do not have a way to say what is yet to be administered. This seems to fall within the query service. Are the requirements for Rx queries fall within this work group? as well as the potential request for a new resource
      • IHE Pharmacy has this request - equivalent to RGV in V2 - would prefer this to be a separate resource
      • this will be discussed in the Pharmacy WG
  • IHE Use Cases File:Use cases for order management FHIR.docx

List Serve

  • Medication and Medication Statement – listserv discussion – suggestion to allow the option for use of a code or a full resource. We need to make sure we address this need in all our resources.
    • discussion of whether this could be done across all of our resources - make medication attribute in our resources be a code or a reference
Action:  Add this to the agenda for the WGM

CCDA Template work

  • review meeting tomorrow - John to attend

Use Cases for Supply Chain


  • no discussion

Pharmacy Glossary

Action:  Review at Paris WGM

Clinical Quality Framework Initiative - developing profiles

Action: John to determine if we should be continuing to work on this.

WGM Agenda and OOC Agenda

Next meeting

  • Next meeting: May 4, 2015