2015-03-25 HSI Call

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Home Healthcare Standards Integration (HSI)

Meeting Information

HL7 HSI Meeting Minutes

Location: Participant Passcode: 503011

Date: 2015-03-25
Time: 1:00 pm ET
Facilitator Laura Heermann Langford Note taker(s) John Moehrke
Attendee Name Affiliation
x John Moehrke GE
x Laura Heermann Langford Intermountain Healthcare
x George Cole Allscripts
x Gila Pyke Cognaissance Inc
x Emma Jones Allscripts
x Keith Boone GE
Quorum Requirements Met: yes


Agenda Topics

  1. Agenda review and approval (Suggestions or additions to and acceptance of agenda)
  2. Reminder to eVote
  3. 5650 Use List resource to support XDS folders
  4. 5873 The XDS profile exists but does not represent current MHD plan.
  5. any other new business

Supporting Documents

  1. see HL7 gForge tracker of open HSI items


Minutes/Conclusions Reached:

  1. Reminder to eVote
  2. 5873 Reviewed the XDS profile that exists in the FHIR specification. Decided to defer work on this until during DSTU2 ballot and ballot resolution. Agreement to complete this and align with the summer version of MHD supplement.
  3. 5650 Reviewed. Can’t do anything until the three others are finished on List. Decided to defer work until during DSTU2 ballot and ballot resolution.
  4. Reviewed current DocumentReference. Specifically the definitions of type, class, and format
    1. Agreed to update the definitions used to be more proper (not including the word in the definition).
    2. Agreed where possible to use the definitions found in LoincManual.pdf – December 2014
    3. The valueset for type and class/kind should really be based on something newer than HITSP C80. No alternative known.
      1. Need some organization to manage these value-sets
      2. Emma agreed to look at LOINC to see if these vocabulary can be achieved with a LOINC query.
      3. See #Emma note on LOINC
      4. Seems we stick with the C80 lists today. Need a better alternative before DSTU2.
    4. Agreed to update Format value-set
      1. Add the IHE codesystem
      2. Remove NHIN as it is not used by NHIN
      3. Add the HL7 C-CDA format codes (not sure what code system to use as yet)
  5. eVote has completed enough positives to approved see #Laura email on eVote
  6. Adjourned

Emma note on LOINC

I looked thru LOINC to see if there is a way to contextually filter things related to the list below – from LOINC users guide. 

LP173387-4 Administrative note
LP173409-6 Advance directive
LP173414-6 Diagram 
LP173415-3 Flowsheet 
LP181112-6 Form 
LP181116-7 Instructions
LP173416-1 Legal 
LP173417-9 Letter 
LP173418-7 Note
LP181207-4 Order 
LP181204-1 Prescription
LP156982-3 Photographic image 
LP173421-1 Report

The best I can come up with is to use items with LOINC scale DOC and SET. However, the problem with SET is that it isn’t limited to things that are diagnostic types of reports – i.e. it can be sets of anything. I noticed that HITSP (Document Class Value Set) specified a selected list of things with scale SET. 

I see about 3500 codes with scale DOC (this include RAD types which is why it’s so large) and about 1000 codes with scale SET. 

Laura email on eVote

From: owner-hsi@lists.hl7.org [mailto:owner-hsi@lists.hl7.org] On Behalf Of Laura Heermann Langford
Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2015 2:59 PM
To: Laura Heermann Langford; hsi@lists.hl7.org
Subject: Re: RESULTS on motion to accept disposition on block of FHIR CPs

I have received the following votes:

Aprove - 8
Object - 0
Abstain -0

This represents a very high quorum for our votes on these FHIR CPs.  With that I  will close the voting and allow John M. to record the votes and keep moving on the work that needs to be done prior to the deadlines he is diligently working towards on the FHIR DSTU project plan. 

 Thank you everyone for your hard work with these CPs on a tight deadline. 


Meeting Outcomes

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Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items
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