2015-02-02 Rx Conf Call

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  • John Hatem (Chair)
  • Melva Peters (Scribe)
  • Jose Teixeira
  • Christoff Gessner
  • Rob Savage
  • Daniel Lanphear
  • Marla Albitz
  • Jean Duteau
  • Chris Moesel



Review new item from List - datatypes for immunizations

  • have not harmonized with PHER with ImmunizationRecommendation but have harmonized Medication and Immunization
    • changes has been made to harmonize with Medication
    • if you want to see latest resources - check Continuous Integration Build
    • PHER will be created a profile on MedicationAdministration to address things that are not addressed in the MedicationAdministration resource
    • should talk to PHER for more details - should be on website in next couple of days
    • QDM - identified need for ImmunizationOrder -
      • Pharmacy has MedicationPrescription that can be looked at
      • there is no resource in PHER for ordering immunization
      • suggested checking out the MedicationPrescription resource to see if it meets needs

File:Immunization datatypes.pdf

Review of FHIR items added at FHIR Clinical Connectathon

  • Date Entered
    • this may be in Provenance, but it may be a different use case
Action: Jean will look into this
Action:  Jean will look into this

FHIR Examples

  • Discussion of what examples we should be providing for each of our resources
    • Melva is working on examples based on the list of examples that were identified during the San Antonio meeting

Pharmacy WG Teleconferences

  • reminder we are back to weekly calls for 1 hour. We may cancel calls as determined by work load

Pharmacy WG SWOT

  • for review and approval - deferred to February 9, 2015


Pharmacy 3 year plan

  • for review - deferred to February 9, 2015

3 year Plan

  • Project 1129 - Motion need to change target date

WGM updates

  • Minutes - need updates for a couple of quarters - before can be posted - DUE Friday, Feb 6
  • WGM Effectiveness Survey complete
  • Room requests made prior to WGM

CCDA Template work

  • John has been working on the attributes for the CCDA templates
    • will use the spreadsheet to assess if we have deficits for our resources - it may be a new attribute or an extension
  • Meeting will be held Feb 9th at 3pm Eastern with Brett and Gaye to discuss further


  • none

Comments on ISO e-prescription

  • Christoff has transcribed the comment received into the spreadsheet
Action:  Melva to send the spreadsheet to John Quinn and copy Christian Hay and Lisa Spellman to get them submitted

Project (Stephen Chu)

  • has not been received - deferred until we receive the proposal
Action Item:  Stephen Chu to send group a project/initiative description for work group consideration. (Limited distribution for now, only Rx Group, not general listserv)
Action item:  Melva to circulate document Stephen provided for comments.


  • Oncology examples - Daniel
    • will use these for Pharmacy FHIR examples
    • may drive out same deficits in resources
    • will share examples with Daniel
  • Sources of information - Christof
    • how to code dosage for 3 phase contraceptives in CDA
    • we will be discussing this with CDA group on next weeks call
    • for triphasic oral contraceptives - would just order as a manufactured product with dosing as "one tablet daily for 21 days out of 28 days"

Next meeting - February 9 at 4pm Eastern