2015-01-05 Rx Conf Call

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  • Melva Peters (Chair and Scribe)
  • Hugh Glover
  • John Hatem
  • Katherine Duteau
  • Scott Robertson
  • Jean Duteau



  • Jean's 12/8/2014 email about his time availability for this work and his current status.
  • Profiles for C-CDA will not be balloted until May, which gives more time.
  • Per Lloyd, only spelling changes can be made. This will give us a chance to regroup at the next WG. We can decide who can do the work and how we will divide the tasks. Tom may have time to work on this at the time of January meeting.
  • there is nothing pressing - need to get everything done that we said that we would do
Action:  determine deadline for the DSTU comment changes - sometime in March - will be determined in San Antonio
Action:  Jean to look at WGM to find time when he can attend
Action:  Jean to update spreadsheet with latest FHIR Pharmacy questions - change request for timing - 
Action: Jean to followup with Lloyd about timing datatype change - to support new examples.
  • Review of FHIR items - see updated spreadsheet

FHIR Examples

  • Discussion of what examples we should be providing for each of our resources
    • not built for testing our FHIR resources
Action: Melva to put together a plan for the types of examples for each resource that should be created

CCDA Template work

  • John has been working on the attributes fro the CCDA templates
    • will use the spreadsheet to assess if we have deficits for our resources - it may be a new attribute or an extension
Action:  John to send spreadsheet to Brett and Lisa and ask that we review this as part of our joint meeting on Wed Q3 in San Antonio


  • no activity

Agenda for January WG meeting

  • Review of agenda
  • No meetings on Friday, January 23rd.
  • Scott will be there Monday and Thursday.
  • John, Hugh will be there all four days.
Action Item: Group will update wiki with their available each day of the January WG meeting.

Project (Stephen Chu)

  • has not been received
Action Item:  Stephen Chu to send group a project/initiative description for work group consideration. (Limited distribution for now, only Rx Group, not general listserv)
Action:  Melva to followup with Stephen


  • None

Next meeting - Monday Q1 - January 19th - San Antonio WGM