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2014 11 21 Minutes - CDA R2.1 Project

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  • Austin Kreisler
  • Calvin Beebe
  • Kathleen Connor
  • Lisa Nelson
  • Rob Hausam
  • Oliver Lawless

Minutes / Notes

  1. Review a draft plan for the project  - C. Beebe
  2. Continue walking through the CDA R2.0 standard, looking at extent and scope of changes needed.
  3. Notes
    1. Add information about the general best practices, for implementation guides and look at incorporate into the guide.
      1. SHALL - in add another subsections.
    2. Vocabulary - could it be possible to fork the RIM to 2.07A to include some vocabulary changes.
      1. M&M ITS and Publishing
    3. Adding classes / attributes - properties
    4. Add the HMD to the work plan
    5. Add a tab for value sets
    6. Add for task list
    7. Austin - description of RIM based codes that are not the RIM Definitions, and a note about how it is applied to the RIM. Make it clear what is RIM definitions and CDA contextual use.