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2014 10 31 Minutes - CDA R2.1 Project

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  • Calvin Beebe
  • Kathleen Connor
  • Lisa Nelson
  • Lorrie Jennings
  • Oliver Lawless

Minutes / Notes

  1. Review of the CDA R2.0 Standard - Continued at section - 4.2.3 Header Relationships
    Represents a recipient who should receive a copy of the document. 
     How does information Recipient work for with CCD?
    Discussion about differnt kinds of documents, what makes a collection of information a document and what can be done to a document once it is legally authenicated. Vs change the content pulled into the document when the document is generated for a user. 

The team will need to review the data segmentation and data provedence IGs to better understand the use cases they are supporting.

The team discussed the concept of backwards compatibility, and whether it implies old document instances continue to be valid under the new implementation or if existing software processing old and new documents is suppose to continue to operate without error.

Calvin indicated that he was thinking it was to ensure that the old documents were still valid at the element and attribute level.

Service Event Performer - It is a doctor doing it, what if the patient is performing the service event - if patient administered. Typically the Service Event is used to document procedures - it was refined for the CCD use case.

How are devices used to manage the Patient Authored content Vs Practice authored content?