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20140509 FGB FMG WGM Minutes

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HL7 TSC FGB/FMG Joint Meeting Minutes

Pima (Hohokam Ballroom)

Date: 2014-05-09
Time: 9AM
Chair: Note taker(s): David
Quorum = chair + 4 yes
Co chairs x David Hay x Lloyd McKenzie
ex-officio x Woody Beeler,
FGB Co-chairs
. John Quinn, CTO
Members Members Members Observers/Guests
x Hans Buitendijk regrets Hugh Glover x Paul Knapp regrets Lynn Laakso, scribe
regerts Josh Mandel x John Moehrke x Brian Pech
x Ewout KRamer x Grahame Grieve x Lorraine Constable .


  • Roll Call
  • Agenda Check
    • SOA plans for next WGM
    • Clinician Connectathon
    • FHIR registries
    • OpenEHR/Clinical Review
    • Transfer of liaison responsibilities from Lorraine, adding Attachments WG, CBCC
    • Discussion of process to approve tooling enhancements
    • PSS for DSTU 2
    • PSS for PA stuff, PSS for SDC, others?
    • HL7 Conformance testing?
    • Plans for QA & next ballot
    • Getting Proposals up-to-date
    • Next steps re: governance
    • Vitality Assessment?


  • SOA Plans
    • DH described - SOA Plans for poster days Q3/4 Monday/Wednesday
    • Lloyd has asked that one of the sessions be FHIR joint as 4 quarters probably too much
    • JM: All resource proposals have the same state – should they be tidied up.
    • Discussion around timing of requests – especially for PSS. Woody suggested that date should be receiving PSS – not it’s approval. LM said we have both dates – they are targets and may slip in some cases.
    • Paul: Business process comes first – then resources.
    • LM: stick with targets – manage as best as we can.
  • Clinician Connectathon
    • LM: Proposal for a clinician connectathon on Friday at the next WGM. Clinicians will have real world scenario and use a tool to enter that data **and ensure that spec meets needs and identify where it does not. Hopefully get enthusiasm from the clinical community about FHIR.
    • HB: Interesting to see how different disciplines approach the same problem.
    • GG: Intention is to be a prototype for future events.
    • LM: work over the next month to finalize.
  • FHIR Registries
    • LM: Want registries for things like Profile, ValueSet, Namespace (system), mappings, concept maps for implementers. Working with electronic services. There is some discussion in an associated project – OID registry and some discussion around funding and HL7 resource.
    • An offer from furore to build and supply. Suggestion/Discussion to work though Electronic Services. Discussion around whether the decision rests with the FMG/FGB or the wider organization.
    • GG: Not HL7 owned content. Need to clarify governance.
    • WB: agree it needs to be done.
    • HB: need to allow other companies to ‘bid’ for the work.
    • EK: absence of registry is becoming painful.
    • Motion: EK to document offer from furore. FMG recommend acceptance. Take to TSC and ask to endorse/process.
    • Moved/seconded: WB/LC
    • Discussion: A requirement is that access to registry is free. BP: This is an urgent need and HL7 needs to maintain control
    • Passed unanimously 10-0-0
  • OpenEHR (OE) /Clinical Review
    • GG: Align FHIR Resources to archetypes. Use OE tooling to represent resources. Not necessarily the same but at least differences known. Good for overall profile.
    • Will need joint IP licensing – openEHR and FHIR have different Licenses. (contributors need to understand that their goes to both OE and FHIR licenses.
    • PK: will this work through HL7 committees. GG: will co-ordinate between co-chairs of HL7 WorkGroups and OE.
    • Motion: to proceed with pilot
    • Move/second: GG/PK
    • Passed unanimously 10-0-0
  • Liaison transfer
    • LM: Need to transfer LC’s responsibility. HB to review current list and confirm/propose change off line. Will confirm on next call.
  • Process to approve tooling enhancements
    • LM: process to enhance tooling to combine rapid fix/support with FMG ‘need to know’.
    • PK: confirm whether spec build or spec presentation.
    • GG: hard to separate.
    • LM: we know how to manage request to domain content – who approves publication changes.
    • LC: different categories of change.
      1. visibly changes spec
      2. change that impacts maintainers of content
      3. tooling operation changes.
    • #3 – that’s internal - just do it.
    • LM: for #1 & #2 – ‘heads-up’ to FMG before/after change depending on degree of change.
    • WB: should we formally identify those who make change. It’s a change control process – up to group.
    • LC: communications important. Use Committers chat for a start but need more.
    • LM: provided that affected groups notified then should be OK. If major change then push up (at discretion of maintainers)
    • BP: Publishing is available to help out as required.
    • Action: LM to document process to approve tracker items
  • PSS for DSTU2
    • LM: defer to call – and other groups
    • GG: Core team is developing resources – what PSS is required (resource proposals will be there).
    • LM: Make sure that M&M is in PSS for DSTU2 (M&M is owner of core resources)
    • LC: be clear that ballot resolution is the responsibility of the work group
  • 10:30 BP leaves.
  • Conformance testing
    • LM: HL7 intends to offer conformance testing for FHIR. Is there a need yet?
  • Plans for QA & next ballot
    • LM: QA after sept 21st sept (quality). Another QA prior to publication (comments)
  • Getting proposals up to date
    • LM: Need to approve current proposals.
    • LM: How do we want to maintain current proposals? Eg scope could change, name could change etc.
    • LC: do we need to change them? They are a work product only...
    • LM: approved RP’s have a status with a note that may not reflect
    • Motion: check that RP’s for current proposal have correct owner and approve as block.
    • Approve/Second LC/HB
    • Passed unanimously 10-0-0

Next Steps

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