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20140219 FMG concall

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HL7 TSC FMG Meeting Minutes

Location: use GTM voice -

Date: 2014-02-19
Time: 1:00 PM U.S. Eastern
Chair:Lloyd Note taker(s): Lynn
Quorum = chair + 4 yes/no
Co chairs Hugh Glover x Lloyd McKenzie
ex-officio Ron Parker, FGB Chair . John Quinn, CTO
Members Members Members Observers/Guests
regrets Lorraine Constable x Paul Knapp x John Moehrke x Lynn Laakso, scribe
regrets David Hay x Josh Mandel x Brian Pech x Sharon Chaplock
regrets Furore developer



  • Roll Call - Furore person not available and will reschedule; Lorraine, David, Hugh not available.
  • Agenda Check; John/Josh move approval - unanimous
  • Minutes from 20140212_FMG_concall - no quorum, defer
  • FHIR Profile Tool demo (Furore developer) - reschedule
  • FHIR Education - Sharon
    • Key initiative for providing education; would like to explore a FHIR Academy with technical and non-technical tracks. April, July and October pattern suggested in order to have something on FHIR every month. Member advantage webinar and WGM in May, one in April
    • Format would be 60-90 minutes, flexible structure, say 45 minutes presentation and 15 Q&A or 60 minutes presentation and 30 Q&A. Mini-modules could also be structured.
    • What is the goal of the non-technical track? This was a suggestion to be explored the content for which she would rely upon the FMG.
    • What tools are we using? Webinar or e-learning course or other formats would be entertained. John recommends the e-learning course format for the technical training.
    • She suggests starting with determining who would be assigned the various tracks, describe the topics in the track, and then go forward with developing materials. Technical developers, non-technical decision makers, or even clinical community target audience on profiling could be the tracks.
    • Lloyd suggests a library of recorded webinars as compared to live with Q&A.
    • Josh asks if the live webinar can be seen for free - true. Member only webinars are also available, as skill-building webinars are fee-based. Ambassador webinars for non-technical decision makers and clinicians. Fee-based webinars for technical skills would be a good fit.
    • Lloyd asks when they want a curriculum- target a couple of weeks would be great.
    • Sharon leaves; Paul has joined.
  • Minutes from 20140212_FMG_concall - Josh/Paul move approval; unanimously approved.
  • Request for reviewing/approving the FAQs/KBs for FHIR (50 FAQs / 25 KBs) (Reviewer/Approver: FMG) during the following timeframes:
    • Week of February 17, 2014:Work Groups Review/Approve: First set of questions (FAQ) - identify the top 50 from the spreadsheet by end of day Friday Eastern time to Dave Hamill, Lorraine or Lloyd
    • Week of March 3, 2014: Work Groups Review/Approve: Second set of questions (FAQ), first set of answers, first set of KB articles
    • Week of March 17, 2014: Work Groups Review/Approve: Final FAQs including all referenced resources, final KB articles
  • FHIR Wiki re-vamp at generally approved.
  • FHIR Product Brief changes
    • FGB was seeking a policy statement on HL7's position on FHIR. Product brief was identified for location to publish this. Minor edits and discussion on the "out of the box" statement ensued and revisions suggested. Expanding "What is FHIR" for some of the specific use cases that it solves discussed. Lynn will send out the current draft to the list for further discussion and suggestions for review by FGB next Tuesday.
  • HIMSS next week affects Josh - hold the call.
  • Lloyd will send out links on requirements for registries and hosting the FHIR spec for review also

Adjourned 1:59 PM.

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