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20140120 FGB WGM

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HL7 TSC FGB Meeting Minutes

Location: Seguin Sunday, Frio Monday, Mesquite Friday

Date: 2014-01-20
Time: 9 AM U.S. Central
Facilitator: Ron Parker Note taker(s): Lynn Laakso
Quorum = Chair plus 2 yes
Chair/CTO Members Members
x Ron Parker x George (Woody) Beeler x Ewout Kramer
John Quinn regrets Grahame Grieve
observers/guests x Hugh Glover, FMG cochair
x Lynn Laakso, scribe
x Ken McCaslin, TSC Chair
x Chuck Jaffe, HL7 CEO
x Joon Hyn Song, ZHIS
x Dong Li Jeouy, ZHIS
x Do Youn Lee, ZHIS
x Rob Mulders, Furore
x Leslie Sistlo, Microsoft
x Tony Malia, Edmond Scientific


Monday Q1 FGB

  • Roll call -
  • Agenda Review
  • FGB M&C update
  • Membership Review
    • Re-appointments
    • Review provider list and identify candidates.
  • Metrics discussion (time allowing)


Convened at 9:11 AM

  • Roll call - introductions made
  • Agenda Review - DSTU discussion, M&C, Membership - agenda accepted by general consent
  • FGB M&C update
    • Changes reviewed. Ron notes the risks are already in need of revision, as challenges in keeping up with the pace of change reviewed. TSC Chair removed from i) and will need to be recirculated.
  • Membership Review two years will be up in May. Staggering for continuity would allow no more than half of the incoming board members be "new". Two-term limit is questioned as there has not been overwhelming response to become members of FGB. Woody moves and Ewout seconds the change. Unanimously approved.
    • FGB role vs management and methodology reviewed. Tony asks about definition of achievement of interoperability. Ron notes that he would like to have him attend the ArB session. Tony reports he's presenting on it today in AID Q3. He will also do it in Q4 for Security and for Ewout and Lloyd on Thursday lunch. Hugh notes that it would tie in to the connectathon definition as well. Precepts defined by FGB are policy assertions, etc.
    • CTO (John Q)
    • FMG co-chair(s) [co-chair du jour (share one vote)] - Hugh and Lloyd
    • MnM (Woody)
    • ArB (Ron)
    • FHIR Implementation (Ewout)
    • Vendor (new)
    • Provider (Health Delivery Organization) - new; potential candidates may be identified from those that have been playing at connectathons. Tony offers to outreach to his sponsor organization if the criteria can be distributed to him. He'd like to see the nature of the volume of work framed out in a description - ACTION ITEM: Ron will draft this.
    • Woody notes that Grahame and his role on the FGB are not represented. Lynn notes that Ron's move to the ArB position displaces a member which may have been Grahame and Ewout adds that Grahame was not interested in continuing on FGB long-term. Representation from a FHIR Work Group if such was formed would be welcomed. Woody reports that MnM discussed last night and yielded no support for forming a WG. It's hard to name a seat on a group that is not an official group, e.g. FHIR Core Team. Hugh suggests that we provide opportunity for naming any individual found to be useful to the group as it is an appointed position. Ron suggests it's more about the core structural assets, or the architecture of FHIR, i.e. specification developer should be represented.
    • FHIR specification developer (Grahame)
    • Liaison to TSC - delegated to any FGB member
    • Product Director (future)
  • (Re-)appointments - three new appointments for FHIR specification developer, Vendor and Health Delivery Organization are new in 2014 and the remainder are up for renewal in 2015 (Ron, Woody, Ewout)
    • John joins
  • DSTU Checkpoint - hallmark event
    • There are concerns about management and communication of changes during the DSTU period. Chuck notes that implementers would declare they are implementing to DSTU R1.6 or whatever. Tony cautions against regulatory compliance requirements to a DSTU that has not quite reached the stage of interoperability. Ron recounts that the 90 day comment periods for draft rulings are available to contributors to protest. Ron reports Freida's observation they are frequently reviewed with impact determined by volume.
    • Communication is at issue to ensure reporting of current state. Still don't have the desired representation on the website. Chuck notes that we need a good way to indicate from the top of the website for how to get to FHIR, and secondly to reiterate that it is a draft standard. Product brief will be a part of this and Ron might work with Lloyd on drafting.
    • Formal representation of the product should be reviewed by the Board to ensure the public facing message for a formal statement of the role of FHIR within the HL7 suite of standards. Ken notes the struggle of definition of product lines and product families is still ongoing. Chuck and John both agree the Board isn't ready to define a formal statement of FHIR's role; we need more preparation and language before it is brought to them. John further offers the process for defining the current and future roles, to characterize the journey is needed as well.
  • Next steps
    • Naming co-chairs - Ron has named a suggestion for a chair; these need to be supported by TSC.
    • Review provider list and identify candidates.
    • Metrics discussion (time allowing)

Next Steps

Actions (Include Owner, Action Item, and due date)
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